Theory Devil fruits´ functioning: Pure physics

Why do users drown? Blackbeard, awakening. Because physics!



    Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. But here it is my take on how the devil fuits work. My thesis is that devil fruits can be explained by physics or at least by "science fiction" logic. This theory is a bit dense so don't feel bad if get tired at some point, if so just read "Conclusion:..." At the end of each section.



    • INTRODUCTION: Why devil fruits can be scientifically explained.
    • DEVIL FRUIT WEAKNESSES: Unconvering why do users drown, Kairoseki, Yami Yami no mi, armament haki...
    • HOW THEY WORK: How the powers are tranfered, blackbeard, awakening
    • ARTIFICIAL FRUITS: Why Caesar's and Vegapunk's fruits aren't as good as the originals.
    • THEIR PURPOSE : Who and why created them? Little speculation just to make the theory complete.


    In the SBS of the volume 48 Oda said that "cerain professor will explain the complex mechanism of the akuma no mis", that means that a scientist is the most appropiate one to explain how the devil fruits works and that the way the do it involves scientifical processes.

    According to Blueno scientists have explained how the fruit´s powers are transfered too. Also, Oda likes to explain even outlandish things such us the Knock-Up stream or the white-white sea with a scientific base. All what I want to say is that Devil fruits should have a complex scientifical explanation.


    Of course, since we are talking about a ficitonal world the science behind devil fruits it´s not 100% real, it will just be like how things such as teleportation, dinosaur clonation or laser-beams are explained with scientifical basis in novels and films. Without further ado take a deep breath and take it easy, this won´t be a walk by a rose field!


    We don´t have that much information about how devil fruits work but we do know pretty much about their weaknesess, so this seems a good way to start to get clues.


    When akuma no mi users are affected by surrounding water they may lose their body energy but usually they don´t lose their abilities. It is said that the water drains the energy of the devil fruit eater. When does and doesn´t water affect the user?:


    Nothing special happens if the user is wet, surrounded by water he doesn´t touch, full of a big amount water, partially submerged or under a force of pressure.

    Conclusion: A large amount of water must have a considerable amount of contact surface with the user from the outside, probably the water makes a bigger effect in the upper body.

    Now, probably the most important and overlooked point for this theory:


    View attachment 26886

    As Chopper says rumble balls can alter his fruit wavelenght. So the fruit must work with waves, which can be mechanical (such us sound) or electromagnetic ( such us light). This leads me to believe that devil fruits work using electromagnetical waves specifically. Why? Because even if water is a such a common substance it has a rare electromagnetic property. And this is the main point or the "Eureka point" of this theory: Water ( H2O) is made of polar molecules. What does that mean? Take a look to the picture:


    View attachment 26892

    A polar molecule has an asymmetrical geometry , so that the energy of the bonds between atoms do not cancel each other, therefore a dipole moment is created. This dipole is a separation of positive and negative electrical charges. You could think of polar molecules as mini-magnets. Simply explained, the water molecule is electrically "unbalanced". These polarized molecules are affected by electric fields. Exposing polarized molecules to electromagnetic radiation will make it to absorb the energy of the wave. Like this:


    View attachment 26893

    The most common polar molecules are H2O (water), SO2, NH3 and H2S (a toxic gas). (Hmmm.... This last one sounds familiar ... Like if we have seen it somewhere.... Shirorororo... ).

    This means that water interacts with electromagnetical fields differently from the majority substances. In this case the water absorbs the electromagnetical waves created by the devil fruit. Different electromagnetical waves:


    For example, did you know that a microwave oven works stimulating the polar molecules (mainly water) of our food? If you put a plate on a microwave it won´t get hotter, unless it is wet. So our food gets hot because the water absorbs the electromagnetical waves ( of the mw oven). This makes even more sense if you add that human body has stronger bio-electromagnetism in the upper body. Please, bear in mind that electromagnetism is both electricity and magnetism and that light is an electromagnetical wave.

    conclusion: The devil fruit powers create an electromagntical field in the body of the user and water absorbs it because it is a polar molecule.

    But why does the water weaken the user? Shouldn´t water absorb just the ability itself then? Well, I think that once the user eats the devil fruit both of them become a symbiosis. The user protects the fruit and vicebersa. The user controls the fruit but he is its host and the fruit will use his energy (haki probably).


    So when the water starts sucking the energy of the devil fruit´s electromagnetic field this reacts feeding on the energy of the user so it doesn´t get completely absorbed and survives. It is a chain proccess. The water absorbs the DF power, and the DF power absorbs the vital energy from the user. You could call this a symbiosis. (Parameciums live in symbioisis, maybe this is were Oda got the paramecia name from). Once the users eat the fruit they will maintain the fruit "alive" until their death. Depiction of the concept, The human body feeds the electromagntic field of the fruit as a battery feeds an electromagnet:


    conclusion: Devil fruit and user are a symbiositical system. You could say that the fruit is like a parasite that gives benefits to the user but also feeds on him. Water drains the electromagnetical energy of the fruit and this tries to compensate it taking the vital energy from the user.


    So seastone, another weakness for akuma no mis, has similar effects to the sea water, it weakens the user. That says to me that they should work in a similar way, seastone should just be a stone made of polarized molecules. As smoker said in Alabasta:

    View attachment 26894

    The seastone emits a similar energy to the sea water. This energy to me has to be dielectric energy, an energy that polarized molecules/substances have. So we just have to find a polarized stone that has a high dielectric constant. Other very important aspects of seastone are that it is very hard and that, pressumably, it is a volcanic stone:


    So, I must admit that I don´t have a perfect match for this, but there is a very good candidate to it ....Basalt! Basalt is common on the sea-floor, it is the hardest stone, it is a volcanic stone and it is made of polarized molecules just as Kairouseki should be.

    Of course basalt it is not "as hard as diamons" like the kairouseki. Since One Piece is fiction and the Kairoseki is said to come from one specific sea it could be that the basalt from that sea has a slightly different composition due to the the "pyrobloin" or that the pressure and heat that produced that kairoseki were inmensely higher than habitual (reverse mountain?). The main idea is that something like Kairoseki would be perfectly plausible and that it backs up the idea of polarized molecules sucking the wave field of the fruit.


    But more importantly, seastone seems to not only weaken the user but also nulify the users powers, like when robin is wearing the seastone handcuffs in Water Seven. This could seem a bit of a inconcistency, but to me it is not. This handcuffs had "low densitity of Kairouseki" and it could be argued that the kairoseki contacts the user in a puntual part of the body, while water surrounds the user homogenously. This would mean that seastone would distort much more the electromagnetical field of the akuma no mi making it useless but it wouldn´t absorb so much of it and of the energy from the body . (More about that later).

    Kai-rou-seki means sea-tower-stone or sea-prism-stone and basalt takes the form of a tower and/or of a hexagonal prism. You probably can recognize the most well-known basalt formation is this:


    The irish Giants causaway .Oda has several references to irish mythology so maybe he got interested in irish mythology after finding this or vicebersa.

    Conclusion: Kairouseki is based of basalt which is a polarized, hard and volcanic stone found in the sea-floor. It is able to absorb the electromagnetism of the fruits because it is made of polarized molecules like the basalt.


    Okay, for now this looks consistent but we still have to deal with more " natural enemies " of the devil fruits.

    As you know the main concern of a Logia user are enemies with armament haki. But how can a human deal damage to a person that transform into a natural element? Precisely, using similar properties as the water and kairoseki the habilities of the logia-person can be nulified. So Armament haki needs to be something that can suck the electromagnetical field of the fruit.

    In this case, it is not exactly about polarized molecules, but there is a phenomena in physics that fits armament haki. When a body is able to absorb all incident electromagnetic radiation that is called....

    ..... A BLACK BODY!!!! :cool: :cigar:

    Here you have a depiction of the concept:

    descarga (2).png

    Remember that light is electromagnetism. The skin affected by armament haki looks black because black bodys absorbs all the visible light (and ,pressumably, the DF power´s waves). Armament haki is the ability to manipulate the electromagnetism of the own body or objets, converting them temporaly into "black bodies". This could also explain why the skin of the user gets harder. This is due to the "superface tension" or "surface energy", which is another electromgnetical phenomena. (More about that next time).

    This would also explain why luffy is still rubbery when he is using his own Haki. he becomes more rubbery where he uses armament haki and that could also be because the skin with color of armament concentrates the field on it this way. Even doflamingo gets surprised when his armament haki couldn´t damage luffy, this is because luffy´s armament haki was preventing his fruit´s field from being absorbed by doflamingo´s haki.


    When luffy gets hit with armament haki without him protecting himself with it it he gets really damaged. (When Garp hits him with his "fist of love"). This is the same reason as why prometheus isn´t affected by armament haki neither since he doesn´t have the electromagnetic field of the fruit in himself, he is just the result of certain ability.


    Also I know that armament haki isn´t always depicted as black, but a body can absorb just some wavelength of electromagnetism , this is called a "gray body".

    But then..If armament haki works similarly to seastone, shouldn´t the enemy of the haki user get weakened too? That is true. But for most of the cases I guess that the skin of the haki user doesn´t have enough volume and power to absorb the DF power that much (similar to Robin´s handcuffs in Ennies Lobbie). Again, that is in most of the cases because in my opinion we already saw a case where armament haki can weaken a DF user. This is that case:

    View attachment 26882

    Remember how the community was confused about what happened in these pannels? Some people thought this could be due to Big Mom´s DF other even speculated that her rings could be made of kairoseki. That is not the case, that "smoke" coming out of Big Mom´s arm is her haki, like Rayleight´s in this image:

    View attachment 26883

    The sound of haki:

    In addition, when someone uses armament haki or conquerors haki in the anime the sound effect used is the typical electromagnetic sound (Specially first time luffy uses gear fourth and in Luffy vs monet)

    Check video at 1:08 :

    Check the sound at the start of th video:

    Conclusion: Armament haki is transforming the skin into a "black body"that absorbs electromagnetic waves and that is why devil fruit powers get nulified. When the user masters this technic she is able to weaken DF users.

    My next theory will be on Haki and I will explain everything better there.
    Also, Enel says that his mantra works like a RADAR, a device that uses electromagnetic waves.
    And when we see a haki clash, we see lighting! (Electromagnetism too).


    As we all know the darkness´ devil fruit has a special property, this being the ability to nulify the DF powers of the person that is touched, the devil fruit ability itself can be directly nulified if touched using the "black vortex":

    Barbanegra_VS_Barbablanca.mp4_000643225 (2).jpg

    What is darkness? Technically speaking darkness itself doesn´t exist, darkness is the abscense of light ( that means no electromagnetism) the same as cold is the absence of heat. In physics an object is considered to be dark when it absorbs photons (light particles).

    To understand how the fruit could work an important differenciating is the fact that the yami yami no mi user does not weaken the rival user it makes contact with. So it cancels the power but doesn´t affect the debilitate the user? To me there is a way for this to work: Blackbeard attracts the electromagnetism of the fruit in his inner blackhole. (At the end of the day blackholes are an electromagnetic singularity) but since the blackholes dont disipate the energy I guess the devil fruit power doesn´t disappear , it is just stored inside blackbeard therefore the elecromagnetic field of the fruit isn´t weakened, just distorted and displaced. This case would be similar to the seastone handcuffs.


    Less probably, Blackbeard could also fill the body of the enemy with darkness. Darkness doesn´t technically exist but we hace seen Blackbeard using Dark matter to attack in videogames, dark matter is matter that doesn´t interact with electromagnetism. Pure dark matter would be in darkness (absence of electromagnetism) so this would temporaly surround and "block" the rival user´s ability.

    When blackbeard says he has "the power to absorb anything" I think he means the power to absorb every physical thing. Waves, particles and energy are all physical. He also receives double damage because he absorbs everything, he doesnt let things disipate, thunder would pass by you but BB sucks it, a punch would partially bounce but BB totally tanks it, fire would disipate but BB absorbs it...

    Conclusion: The dark dark can nulify other abilities because darkness is the absence of electromagnetism.

    Okay, so now that we have bought that devil fruits create a electromagnetical field in the body of the user and that explains it weaknesses.


    With the knowledge of the previous part we can try to figure out how the akuma no mis work.


    This picture explains the cycle:


    1) The fruit carries the ability. But how?

    Well, we know that just by eating a bit of the fruit a person will get the ability, that if two people eat a part of the fruit each only one of them will get the power and that if a person eats a user this gets his ability.

    Since even if the fruit gets fragmented it can still transmit its powers (when Kalifa eats one after slicing it, for example) that means that it can not work by a soul that passes from one to another since a soul shouldn´t be divisible. And since the power goes only to one person even if various people eat it that means that it can not work by mutating the user. Then it has to be another thing! You know where I am going... Yes, yes... Electromagnetism.


    Think about it, a fruit is the perfect vessel to carry a electromagnetical charge, it´s mainly a body of water and it has a electrical charge (you can use a fruit as a battery). The fruit would work as a magnet, a permanent magnet to be precise. Even if it is splited or fragmented, a magnet still maintains its property, the same as the akuma no mi:



    There is a pseudoscientifical term called "water memory" that says that the water keeps the essence of that which has been diluded with forever. But I think the power actually resides in the spirals of the fruit. More on that later.

    Conclusion: Fruits carry the ability like permanent magnents carry magnetical properties.

    2) The user gets the ability.

    So how can the ability be transfered from the fruit to the person with just a bite? When the fruit enters the human boby, probably by the contact between the water of one and the other, the human body gets "magnetized". (This also happens when a some metals contact magnets). Once the body has obtained this property this new electromagnetic field is fed by the body energy, so the power inside the user works like an electromagnet (which need constant energy feed), in contranst with the fruit, which is like a permanent magnet.


    The body needs a little time until it is completely adapted but wthen the field it has created nulifies the electromagnetism that is in the fruit preventing other people from getting the power. This phenomena is called demagnetization. And it happens when a magnet is inside another stronger electromagnetic field, a "demagnetizing field". This means that the magnetic field will constantly be inside the body of the user even if he isn´t using the ability. For example Chopper still has human consciousness in his animal form, same goes for Luffy and usually zoan users still have some of their human traits in animal form. Both electromagnetical fields coexist in the user´s body the one of his spirit (vital energy) and the one of the fruit. Here is a representation of the user with both of the electromagnetic fields:


    This explains why if two people eat a fruit just one of them, the one with strongest spirit / energy or the one first eating it will get the power. It also clarifies why only zoans can be put into objetcs, because they need life energy to manifest the powers. Not only that but the power need consciousness/will to be manifested, the powers act according to the users commands, we know that zoans give a consciousness and vital energy to objects, Funk freed was afraid of Franky so he had his own will. Monet´s logia powers seem weakened once she lost her will against Zoro too or it can be related to why some powers are deactivated when users get knocked down ( Sugar) or get a big impression ( Perospero´s Candy after the explosion).


    If you were to put the gomu gomu no mi in a sword you may have ended with a rubbery katana but you couldn´t command to a logia sword to transform into an element. Maybe fujitoras sword is the one that has "eaten" the fruit and he is able to use its power transfering his spirit/will/haki/energy to it. Big Moms Vibre card would work similarly.

    We have seen three examples of objets with fruits: Funkfreed, Lassho and Smily. Two of them were metallic weapons, which are easily magnetizable and have a high dielectric constant but more importantly the third one, Smily, he was a concentrated toxic gas that "ate" the Axolotl fruit.


    How can you "electromagnetize" a gas? Well, precisely because Caesar did specify that this gas was H2S, one of the best known examples of polar molecules I mentioned earlier! How objects get the powers is still a mystery to me, maybe a electromagnetical machine can transfer the field from the fruit to the object, an object that responds to magnetic fields. Look how the molecule of water and H2S are almost identical:


    Conclusion: Only one person can have the each ability because its EM field nulifies the magnetization of the fruit once it is eaten. The electromagnetical field of the fruit feeds on the bioelectromagnetic field (vital energy) of the user, that´s why only zoans can be put into objects. This objets need to be made of substances with high dielectric constants. When the will of the user is affected so is the power too since consciousness is related to bioelectroagnetism.

    3) Once dead the ability goes back to a fruit.

    So once the user dies the power goes back presumably to the nearest fruit. We lernt this after Smily "died". Again, this can be explained saying that once death, the vital energy of the user fades, at this point the fruit can not feed from his haki so the electromagntical waves travel throguh the space and interact first with near-by objects. If a fruit happens to be near this fruit will get "magnetized"since there isn´t another greater magnet that interferes with it.


    On the contrary to a fruit a human body would be difficult to magnetize since its surface isn´t that watery or because the body´s electromagnetic field blocks the fruits wave. But if a person eats a user the contact is full so , yes, of course it would be possible this way just as Big Mom did. But if the user drowns? Where does the wave go? It gets absorbed by the sea? I will talk about that later.

    Conclusion: Once the user dies the electromagnetical field of the fruit can´t feed on him anymore so the corpse of the user emits EM waves, the nearest object.


    We have only seen a person eating two fruits but the rumors say that eating more than one will make the person "explode". This also fits electromagnetism, what happens when you bring two magnets together? Here you have a video to visualize it:

    As you know two magnets that get near one from the other in the same position repel each other. If the body itself is the magnet then magnetizing it another time will just make it to repel himself and to explode. (The magnets with disc shape resemble well the human electromagnetism).

    two akumas.png
    So how can Kurohige bear more than one power? A popular theory says he has the "fetus in fetu" syndrom, which means that he has the bodys of two not fully developed twin brothers in his body. This would explain why Luffy and Zoro called him "they" in Jaya and why he has only use each power with each hand. The electromagnetic dipoles ( the center of the EM field) would be distanced enough so that the body doesnt tear apart but the blody fluids would be connected and that would make possible for him to use their powers. This would also work if Kurohige stores his powers in mutiple hearts, stomachs or whatever... The heart is the organ with the strongest electromagnetical field, by the way).

    Blackbeard_with_Yami_Yami_no_Mi_and_Gura_Gura_no_Mi (1).png

    Another more technical possibility would be that Blackbeards posess more than one haki / spirit / Bioelectromagnetic dipole (source). His electromagnetic fields wouldn´t interact if they were polarized in a unic dimension (like a plane), since we live in a tridimensional world he would be able to have three devil fruits.


    Okay, so you are probably asking. But how can electromagnetism do such crazy things like producing fire, resurrecting from death, or transforming someone into a phoenix? This is really a puzzle but to me there are two possible answers, from less to more likely :

    1) Just electromagnetism

    The simplest but also poorest answer would be that the fruits just have electromagnetical properties. Think about it, electromagnetism is one of the four known phyisical forces (along with gravitational and nuclear ones). If you would be able to control them you could control energy and matter itself which is made of electrons, protons... Controling atoms you should be able to control almost everything. This is probably not the right answer but it is worth considering it.

    2) Devil´s Field

    As mentioned before there are four fundamental forces in nature. But did you know that previously we thought there were five? Yes, we didn´t know that electricity and magnetism were related. The dream of all physicist is to find a source were all the fundamental forces come from, like how the force of gravity and electromagnetical forces are related. This is called the "Grand unified theory". Since there is a particle called higgs bosson, most popularly known as "God´s particle" that it is used to explain all of this forces and specially how bodies get mass.


    Maybe Oda was inspired by "God´s particle" and fruits work by a "demonic waves" or "demonic field". (Demon is the contrary but complement of god, wave is the contrary but complement of particle).


    This field would be a phenomena discovered by a highly advanced civilization. A wave or force that is the source of the four fundamentals forces, including the elctromagnetical one that makes fruits weak against kairouseki, haki and water. Controling this wave you could control everything, not only forces and energy,but also matter. Matter waves do exist, they are the reason of a nobel prize long ago, controling all waves would make you able to control all the physical realm and that could explain the powers of the fruits. This would also explain that "evil presence" people get from the fruits. Kaku said he felt a gravitational force from the fruit too.
    (Pascal´s demon, someone?)


    3) World Tree antenna and the tree of knowledge

    One of the most characteristical features of the akuma no mis are their spirals. Oda answered in an SBS that each fruit is distinguised by a different pattern.What can the function of the spirals be? Usually electromagnetical flow in spirals are used as receptor antennas:


    (Oda himself said he wondered if Sanji was a devil fruit. There are multiple theories, such us @Aloe Vera 's, saying that the vinsmokes have the genetics of bugs, the spirals in their eyebrows could be a manifestation of the DNA giving them antennas like the insects have, which work with electromagnetism. This could be a reason of why sanji´s speciality is observatioin haki. Oda hints that sanji´s eyebrows are related to fruits. If you prefer the theory of Sanji being based of the planets Venus, as @Theo Ries that´s alright too, since Venus is special for having a weak electroamgnetic field, created by its spinning)

    The spiral antennas are of the magnetical antenna type, they create a EM field to receive signals. So what if the devil fruits work as antennas? Receiving and channeling the devil´s power. Since each fruit has a different pattern it would receive a unique signal, as if every user listened to a different radio channel, even if all the signals are traveling through the atmosphere you will only listen to the one your antenna is choosing to and it would be as if each user had an antenna to receive just a certain power.


    Many people believe that devil fruits need to come from a tree, I do also believe this is very likely. Maybe we still haven´t get any direct reference to the devil fruit tree but if I had to make a bet I would do it for the Eve tree. In the abrahamic mythologies Eve is tempted by the devil to eat the fruit of knowledge. This fruit is from the tree of knowledge, or the tree of everything (good an evil is a too literal translation, the real meaning is everything). If the roots of Eve tree are over fishman island that means that its top has to be in Mariejoa and we know that celestial dragons and the marines have access to powerful fruits. By the way, King Neptune said the Eve tree has been studied by scientists.

    As many other people I think that the Eve tree, or the devil fruit tree, can be the national treasure of Mariejoa. Since Mariejoa, the sacred land, is between "paradise" and "new world" it would be very poetic if the devil fruit tree was also between them because percisely the devil gave the fruit to Eve that made humanity to get expeled from the paradise to the new world.
    As said before, Eve Tree would paralell the tree of knowledge but usually mythologies have another tree, the tree of life and even a world tree.


    Anyways, if the Eve tree creates the devil fruits that are the receptors of each abilities, then were do all this powers come from? The easy answer would be to say that the Eve tree itself emits the powers. But rereading Fishman Island I found this pannel really suspicious:


    Usopp said that the Adam tree could be related to the Eve tree but we never got any new information about it. What if the Adam tree is the tree that emits thesignals of all the fruits that give the abilities to the users? It woud be very metaphorical if the Eve tree created the receptors antennas ( Akuma no mis) and Adam tree was the emissor antenna, you know male and female symbolism. This means that the Adam tree would have inmense power and it would be interacting with the whole planet. In a lot of mythologies such trees are called Trees of life. Sometimes the Trees of Life are the same as the World Tree but not always, in my opinion this is how mythological trees are represented in One Piece:
    • Tree of knowldege: The tree that has the forbidden fruit = Eve tree, the creator of akuma no mis.
      Tree of Life: The tree that connects all the living beings. This would be the Adam tree, the one that emits the sginals trhough the whole world.
      World Tree: The tree that connects heaven and earth. Ygdasril from norse myths is an example of it. So maybe the giant tree of Elbaf is connected to the sky islands.
      Again, in some cultures Tree of Life and World tree are the same, so maybe the tree on Elbaf is the Adam tree.
    So we know Adam tree has a specially strong wood. This would be needed to support a presumably incredibly big tree. This tree would emit waves trough the whole world like a big television tower antenna but only the user of each power would be able to receive that ceratin signal, so the user and this tree would interact constantly. Maybe the Adam tree can also send the energy needed to use the abilities to the user (like when Ace burns five ships) or the tree itself is doing all those actions after knowing what the user "commands" to the fruit. But then if a user drowns, wouldn´t the electromagnetic field of the fruit gets absorbed by the sea water? Yes, that is very likely but in that case the emissor tree ( Adam tree) would just send a signal to the receptor tree ( Eve tree) to produce that specific fruit again.


    Just to add a bit to the reasons why the Eve tree can be the tree that produces the devil fruits: The serpent (red line symbolizes the world-serpent) protects the tree, the celestial dragon protect the tree in Mariejoa as their treasure just as dragons in greek mythology protect the apples of hesperides, Nordic gods ( Tenryuubitoos consider themselves to be gods) also had a magical tree with golden apples that gave them their powers, Chinese gods eat the peach of inmort so the Gorosei may have get the "imortality surgery" of the ope fruit.


    We only have 2 confirmed cases of awakening: Doflamingo and the guards of Impel Down, but as you know the effets of those awakening were very different. Possibly Akainu, Aokiji, Crocodile and Jack have awakened too.


    Doflamingo´s speech looks like implying that affecing your surroundings is the standard awakening, maybe this just happens with paramecias, but it looks like Aokiji and Akainu did the same. It is also speculated that crocodile awakened his fruit since he could turn buildings into sand. But crocodile wasn´t able to control the sand as Doffy was able to control the strings.

    Remember that Logias don´t have the ability to control a whole element they can control the element they produce, but a logia awakening wouldn´t be able to control a converted element. And what about the absence of an electromagnetic field of Punk hazard? Could it be that the awakening of Aokijiband Akainu inpregnated the island with the electromagnetism of their fruits?

    Recently, various people such as @Nessos have make very convincing speculations about different clasifications of the paramecias, zoans and logias. And as him I would say that each type of paramecias has a different awakening.

    Put as an example the fruit of the villain of " One piece: Film Gold". I know that Gild tesoro´s fruit isnt cannon but if you want to take it into account since Oda was very involved his awakening has nothing to do with doflamingo´s. He has the ability to control gold (not to produce it). His awakening consist of obtaining a greater reach pof hist fruit and getting gold armor he could control, it isn´t turning enviroment into gold.
    maxresdefault (3).jpg

    Conclusion: Awakening is gaining bigger reach of effect and greater power after mastering the fruit.

    This suit the theory very easily. What happens during awakening is that the electromagnetic field of the fruit becomes stronger. This meas the power becomes more powerful and the reach expands. In certain cases the user is able to affect the surroundings by "magnetizing" objects outside of his body, he is just giving those electromagnetical properties of the fruit, that is if they have a fruit that is based of producing or adquiring properties of a substance.

    But knowing how the awakening works isn´t the same as knowing how to reach it. What does the user need to do to achieve that state? User´s such as Sabo or Kaku have stated that controlling the abilities was not easy at first, this would be due to the lack of synchronism between their spirit´s EM field (haki) and the fruit´s EM field.

    Bad synchrnization between EM-fields:


    With time the user gains control over the fruits, both fields become more synchronous and the fruit responds better to the will of the user.

    (Almost) complete synchronization:

    Buddha got awakened by visiting a Boddhi tree, also refered as tree of knowledge, so maybe visiting the devil fruit tree helps in this proccess. The confirmed awakened people are related to Mariejoa and the goverment so it makes sense.

    When the mastery over the fruit refines more and more at the end both of the fields syncronize completely. When two fields enter in synchronus state the result is... RESONANCE.

    Resonance is a physical phenomena where a field of waves guides another field from different origin vibrate on the same frequency and makes it makes to oscillate with greater magnitude. In this case the EM field of the user is the guider wave and would be making the fruit´s field greater by resonating with it.


    Example: When two waves are synchronized their power is summed up. When the blue field and the red field are coincidental the total black field is stronger. As the powers becomes stronger after awakening (synchronization).


    In the case of zoan fruits we know that they gain durability and strength, how would this fit the speculation about the resonance? Once the two fields are synchronized the fruit is delivering it´s power constantly, being the natural state of the animal to be healthy and unwounded it means that the user is adquiring that state all the time, therefore it is realy difficult to defreat him. In the case of the guardians of Impel down it looks like the fruits EM field was overtook over their spirit´s field. Sabo met some crow´s that could speak in Dressrosa, it is possible that to be an awakened crow zoan´s secondar ability too.

    Conclusion: Awakening is reaching such a synchronization between the user´s spirit´s field and the fruit´s field that they resonate, which means reinforcing the power of the fruit and adquiring complete control over it. Both the users EM field and the fruit´s EM field become one.


    Artificial devil fruit´s are those ones made by humans, or better said : Scientist from this era.


    The only type of artifficial fruit we have seen is the zoan type, the most reasonable reason being that scientist have already discovered DNA so they know the essence of animals resides there but they still don´t completely understand the essence of things such us light, rubber or soap. As far as we know only two scientist are able to produce such artifacts: Vegapunk and Caesar. Their products don´t have the same qualities though. Here you have a pic to compare them:

    Vegapunks fruits

    Momonosuke ate one of the Vegapunk´s artificial fruits which was considered a failure. This fruit is almost perfect, Momo gains the abilities of a mythical zoan ( he is able to cast clouds and fly), his whole body is transformed and he gets weakened under water. The only two defects it has is that Momo can not change at will (he can only do it when he feels fear) and that the fruit doesn´t exactly look like the originals.

    descarga (35).jpg

    In my opinion this two defects are related. Remember how I said that spirals create strong magnetical fields? Well, Vegapunk´s fruit doesn´t have spirals but it has loops. Loops also create magnetical fields but they are not as powerful, at the end of the day spirals are very similar to various connected loops. Loops are also used as antennas. The loops are a representation of the weaker magnetic field of vegapunks fruit, which leads into a worst synchronization between the user´s and the fruit´s electromagnetical fields. So the fruit can only work when Momo´s spirit is in a certain state.


    Here you have a picture explaining how our nervious system acts differently with differents emotions. In the case of fear it looks like energy is concentrated in the heart, just as many people speculated the that the fruit´s powers reside:


    This would be because Vegapunk´s fruit dont synchronize completely with the user´s "spirit". Maybe he is still not fully able to pass the electromagnetical essence of the dragons DNA into a fruit or the electromagnetic field isn´t as strong as it should. I have seen some experiment saying that microwaves could transfer some properties from one object to another but that was probably a hoax.

    Caesar´s fruits

    This fruit´s are much different to the originals. They just affect certain parts of the user´s body and it seems that the user´s dont get weakened by water (at least Sheepshead underlings weren´t concerned about him falling into water).

    Some people think that the tattoos the pleasures have are related to their powers but it could be that it is a way to differentiate them just as the fake horns the gifters too use. But a very important detail is that the parts of the animals dont always correspond the body parts of the user. A user can change his arm into the head of a wolf for example. Before that we can see a spiral on him. This user can use their abilities at will:


    So the electromagnetical field of the user isn´t well connected to the one of the fruit but at least he can control at will. The fact that they can only transform some parts means that the water could only absorb the energy from that part, meaning it is much fewer, and they dont weaken that much underwater.

    By the way we can see the symbol of the electromagnetic radiation in Caesar´s lab:


    How does SAD work? I can´t tell but since it is electromagnetic and Caesar knows about lineage factors. He may take the DNA from animals and take their electromagnetical essence with it, later to put it into a fruit.

    Conclusion: Vegapunks and Caesar's Devil fruits are not perfect since their electromagnetical field doesnt completely synchronize with the user.

    How to make a devil fruit

    Thanks to @Shale who wanted to discuss this theory and gave me very good ideas and second thoughts. This section´s conclusions belong to both.

    The key was that he suggested that SAD could be algae, they do totally look alike:

    SAD ALGAE.png

    As said before these vats had the elecromagnetic symbol on them. And we they were situated in Punk Hazard an island impossible to find usin a log pose because it had no electromagnetical field. Coincidence? I don´t think so. Probably the island was left without an EM-field by the experiments from Vegapunk on his atificial devil fruits. But how do these two concepts mix?

    I remembered that one of the most used examples for symbiosis systems is the algae paramecium:


    Probably Oda was researching about symbiotic systems to get inspiration for the user - ability simbiosis and he liked the name of "paramecium".

    But alagae and parameciums themselves aren't electromagnetically strong enough to be that dangerous so a signal has to be put on the vats. So it must be that the SAD is being stimulated by electeomagnetism. Apart from that we also saw trees producing SMILEs:

    So how could this match the electromagnetic hypothesis? Fortunately we have already seen a tree with uncommon electromagnetic properties: The tree that in my opinion creates the original devil fruits, the sunlight tree Eve:


    This tree is able to transmit light (electromagnetism) from the top of the tree to the roots. What if the way to produce SMILE is the other way around? The roots of the trees are fed with SAD and transmit the electromagnetism to the branches and fruits.

    For now Caesar and Vegapunk have only been able to reproduce zoan fruits, that could be related to the fact that they discovered the lineage factor. A tree does not have DNA, it has RNA (as the algae) but the paramecium can, so it can not absorb it directly. Since the tontattas who weren't scientists but were able to harvest them the process shouldn't that complex.

    How I think it works:

    1. The Paramecium eats the DNA of an animal. Maybe from a corpse.
    2. Once eaten the DNA gets inside the paremecium
    3. The algae and the animal DNA mix inside the paramecium.
    4. The electromagnetic field is absorbed by the roots and transmitted to the fruits.

    If you prefer a more "spiritual" explanation you could say that the algae have

    In adittion the SMILE factory looks like the closed garden of delights. A painting that looks like this from the outside:


    But in the inside you can see the garden of Eden. The place where the tree of knowledge is, the same one I said the devil fruit tree is based of:


    You can find this painting in Madrid, precisely the real life version of Dressrosa.


    So after all this technical reasoning the theory wouldn´t be complete without a bit of speculation about the reason of the existence of the devil fruits. One could think that they are naturally produced by some sort of natural spirit (such as gaia). Other´s could say that the devil himself brought them to the world. But after all this thinking and knowing that humans are very close to be able to produce genuine devil fruits to me the logical conclusion is that people from the past created them.

    The simplest speculation would be to say that the ancient kingdom created it and the world goverment got his hand on them. If you think that the D clan are related to the ancient kingdom and weapons in one of my previous theory I conclude that the devil fruits could be a fourth secret ancient weapon. In one of the pictures Enel discovered we see a winged guy with a cutting of a tree. I also spoke about the D clan being inspired by the Tuatha Dé tribe, this tribe was very connected to trees and considered them sacred.


    Anyways, why would any society create such a thing as this dangerous and powerful? Since the devil fruits seems to be the based of tree of knowledge I would say that devil fruits purppose is that, knowledge.

    A very important theme in one piece is the "change of the eras". One piece would be around XVII century in real life, the golden age of piracy was at its peak at that moment ( 1620-1795) . At that moment the era was changing. Enlightment and french revolution were the most important movements in the world. But those movments root was precisely culture, science and knowledge. And the point of transition between those two is the death of the french king and abolitions of his tirany. (One of the inspirations for the French revolution was the sacred tree of Gernika, where the mayors of different towns practised democracy). Did you know that Mariejoa is based of a french palace?


    Think about it. If you were to do a destructive weapon, would you include the jacket jacket fruit and the silence fruit? Wouldn´t you just make a thousand gura gura and pika pika no mi? The fact of there being just one fruit of each class is a great hint. To me each of the fruits contains knowledge from the ancient kingdom for it to be preserved, as if each of the fruits is an entry in a permanent encyclopedia, an encyclopedia that can not be burnt down nor prohibited. Illustration was acually responsible of the reborn of the mainstream knowledge via the modern encyclopedia, inspired by the ancient one.


    The tree of omniscience of Ohara could have inherited the will of those who created the ancient fruits and the world goverment feared the perople of Ohara as the 20 kingdoms would have feared the ancient kingdom. Percisely the archeologist of Ohara were called Demons because they sought knowledge, just as maybe the devil fruits´are called so because they carry that. Actually after the ragnarok, when the world serpent and gods were defeated, the tree of life granted a new dawn to humanity, just as devil fruits could help humanity after destroying the tenryuubitos and the redline.

    Oda has given small hints to us about the knowledge preservation and revolution that fruits are creating, kizaru´s beam was used to create laser, scientist learned about noroma beams thanks to foxys fruit ( "Noroma Photons are microscopic particles that have yet to be understood by scientists") , the skypieans met a new material (rubber) because of Luffy. That and much more knowledge has been probably adquired in the past. Gravity , for example, or medical cirgury could have been rediscovered thanks to the fruits, springs could be another case too. But it is not just scientifical, the book fruit, the art fruit and the cooking fruit grant cultural richness to the future societies. Fruits are usually divided in three polemical / problematical categories according to their powers. But I would divide them in cultural categories:

    • Cultural fruits: Art fruit, Book fruit, toy/hobbie, mythological fruits.
    • Science fruits: Magnetism. gravity, Cirgury fruits.
    • Biology fruits: Zoan fruits
    • Basic social fruits: Cooking fruit, clothing fruit..
    • Invention fruits: Spring, Door, strings, weapon fruits.

    To end here you have a quote that can be applied to the One piece universe and explains the Enlightment´s and French revolution´s values;


    That´s all. Hope you liked it!

    I woul be thankful if you could give me feedback on which part do you think should better or more extently explained, if you think I missed something or you find any error or maybe some part was too extent. I am a little bit "dizzy" because I have reread it too many times actually, haha.

    Any feedback is welcome but please consider that the theory is very extend so it is difficult to keep good qualitty in every paragraph. The topic itself being complex doesn´t help neither.



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