Theory Denjiro based on Tange Sanzen

Oda’s Inspiration for Denjiro ?

  1. Izaya X
    Now listen guys ,

    I have a theory that might interest some of you.

    It’s about Denjiro and that his character is based on Tange Sazen.

    First of all who is Tange Sazen?

    Tange Sazen is a one eyed and one armed
    swordsman, he was known as Tange Samanosuke a loyal samurai from the Sōma Clan but after a tragic betrayal he was attacked and mutilated.

    After that incident, he lost his right eye and his right arm since than he lived from then on as a nihilistic Ronin under the pseudonym Sanzen.
    *Nihilism means the negation of all positive

    Picture of Tange Sanzen

    Now what do I want to get out of?

    That Kamazo the manslayer is no one else than Denjiro ,are you ”shocked” ?
    Not really aren’t you everybody of us thought about it already.

    But i didn’t mean the Kamazo Zoro defeated i mean the real one, the one who was on the wanted picture the one who had a scar on his right eye.

    Let’s compare

    Newspaper Kamazo

    the alleged Kamazo (Copycat)

    The Difference one of them has a scar on his right eye and one not.

    But why all of this,why should orochi print denjiro's face on the newspaper and why does orochi's student act as if he were the real one?

    The answer is quite simple if we go after the scheme Jack=Ashura Doji,Kawamatsu=Quenn,Denjiro=King !

    Means that Denjiro is quite too powerful that one of Kaido’s subordinates defeats him,only Kaido himself can defeat him.

    But you don’t disturb Kaido with hints where he‘s hiding!

    You have to find him so that Kaido can finish him or atleast to give him the opportunity to join his crew.There‘s no easier way to find him than making him to the worst crimnal of Wano with propaganda and fake news,so that the citizens of Wanos extradite him.

    Well summarized Orochi betrayed Denjiro and co. And Denjiro currently lives as a ronin under the name Kamazo.

    The similarity between Sanzen and Denjiro are quite similar not to forget the parallels between them two.

    The name of the Actor who plays Tange Sanzen is Denjirō Ōkōchi.

    We know that Oda is a big fan of old Japanese films, the best example being the admirals.

    What are your thoughts on that?


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Recent Reviews

  1. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Nice theory and connections, for next time try add some more information and background d about the real life inspiration to give us more of a template to work with, but other than that you make a good case so keep up!
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks ,I'll pay attention to it in the future
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    How could you sure he has not a scar when his face is full-covered
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      But you can see his eyes ,no scar
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