Speculation Coby

Coby the first

  1. Black Flame Titan
    Good day Orojackson readers,

    Today I have a short speculation regarding the plot twist ahead of the final war.

    After watching the latest episode it came to mind that Coby being the first friend Luffy made after leaving his home to become PK, it's kind of ironic that he would be a marine.

    My speculation is that Coby's OB will allow him to discover the truth about the WG, and Im Sama through his ridiculous OB range and ability. I assume that he will change the marines to join Luffy towards the final. War, not after.

    It's hard to put into words how he will discover this...

    And it also seems that BB wasn't actually surprised about Luffy becoming the fifth emperor but was actually expecting this and just not expecting it to be this fast. It seems he expects to face Luffy and has some kind of respect towards him.

    And that strange power Luffy seems to have over people is the power to give people courage to do fight for their freedom.

    That's all I got to say...

Recent Reviews

  1. Rohan
    Three stars for the effort. You need to put more content to support your statements.
  2. Timmy
    The thing about Coby's Observation haki making him become aware of Im is plausible but this whole thing is all over the place. You've just chucked random statements together.
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