Theory Chopper's Dream

Chopper's Road to becoming Panacea

  1. Carrotlaststrawhat
    Its a nice idea. But at the same time how would oda pull this off. Give the main character an incureable illness, the same illness roger had and then let it be cured by chopper. Roger was sick at the beginning of his legend and survived and conquered the grandline while being sick within 3 years. So because luffy is not sick in any way and the journey to become pirate king is almost over, i really doubt that this is gonna happen.
  2. Sebastian Albert
    Sebastian Albert
    Awesome details! I hope that Luffy will not get ill, because I dont want Luffy to go the same path as Roger did, but rather to be an individual character. Still a great theory
  3. monkey_d.luffy
    Loved ur theory and also like how u put forth the incurable disease!
  4. shanks055
    loved ur theory hope chopper is gonna cure luffy from rogers disease
  5. joby
    Ahhhhhh! Awesome job! Really interesting parallels between roger and hiliuk I never caught!
  6. AdvancedLuffy
    Wonderful story.

    I do think Luffy is gonna catch a disease. His fight with Moria was a foreshadow for the same.
  7. Birdy
    Great connection between Hiluluk and Roger. Definitely hadn't noticed that myself. I don't think Luffy's gonna get sick, but it's still good content.
  8. Rej
    Old theory mate, but you put everything together in an awesome build up!
    Still I think in order to achieve his goal he will have to become the best doctor of the world. This literally means he will have to surpass Law in some future plotpoint. Just my addition! :D Keep up the work, and stay tuned to my Law vs Chopper theory!
  9. yond
    Really obvious, pretty much canon at this point. I think you're onto something with the Sakura part though. Interesting that Hiluluk and Roger both wound up there being the only two notable characters to die off disease.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      given the fact i made this theory a year ago now people say its obvious at this point

      at wat point was it obvious ?
      when chopper became doc ?
      when chopper joined crew ?
      when ace died ?
      when luffy came back from death in impel down ?
      .coincidence guy below wrote exact same review
  10. FollStion
    This is pretty much obvious, you did not need to add so many unnecessary manga panels. Though you could have said that, Panacea is a Greek Goddess which can cure every disease. So Chopper wishes to become a doctor who is basically renowned as a God.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      sorry for stating the obvious and thanx so much for showing me the way to write a good theory i m very grateful
  11. Mokero
    Solid theory. The Roger-Hilluluk connection was nice. But what solidified it for me was the fact that they both seemingly in the same area and that area holds the key to Chopper being the best doctor. Kureha tying into it was also added points.
  12. Monkey D. MOK
    Monkey D. MOK
    I completely agree with you! I always had the same thoughts but didn't think of the Roger-Hiluluk connection
  13. Luck Gandor
    Luck Gandor
    This is actually really good. Like woojeff said, I never even though of the relation between Hiluluk and Roger, EVER!
  14. theGozha
    you will earn PhD in One Piece study. a very nice theory/speculation
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      LMAO thank u i m just a fan thou lol
  15. mheh
    i enjoyed this theory alot! its intrestin, got some solid evidence yet cant prove it completly and you didnt put anything that cant be too unrealistic. i hope it will become true!
  16. woojeff
    Wow so clear and relatable! Love this theory. Couldn't even imagine the relation between Hiluluk and Roger before.
  17. The Deity
    The Deity
    Nice theory bro, very well structured!
    I think it will totally happen
  18. Ace D See
    Ace D See
    Nice theory, the only thing is why Luffys live will be so similar as Gol D Roger? Perhaps the illness will in many people and entirely population?
    But I agree that Chopper ll became the Paneacea!
  19. Rawahi
    Great theory on choppers EOS dream and there is a chance it might happen :D
  20. beck benman
    beck benman
    Yessss chopper. I totally agree that Chopper will find a cure for Luffy at the end and how he surpasses his mentors.
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