Theory Chopper's Dream

Chopper's Road to becoming Panacea

  1. Dave

    Before entering into theory lets learn a bit about Tony Tony Chopper
    Chopper's is one of the few characters in One Piece whose design origins has a clear link, namely to the character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as Chopper not only is a reindeer, but one with an unusually colored nose. Chopper's birthday, Christmas Eve, further leads to this conclusion,If One Piece were set in the real world, Chopper would be from Canada
    In the beginning of the Drum Island arc, when a character was describing how Dr. Kureha would come down from the top of the mountain, a silhouette of Chopper in his original reindeer form was pulling her down on a sled in the sky, greatly resembling that of Santa Claus,
    plus Dr. Hililuk would sometimes enter peoples houses from the chimney.

    Hiliuk and Gol D Roger
    0.png a21a63587e877ece2fdd1dd1b16a67a9a310f959_hq.jpg

    At 1st look they both appear to be complete different characters but shared quiet similar traits and fate of sort

    1.In one piece there are lots deaths specially in nakama arcs both so far as i have noticed only two characters diagnosed of a incurable disease They are Doctor hiliuk and Gol D Roger
    2.Both of them knew amount of they have left hence they were rushing to achieve there dream before that hiliuk to complete his research and roger to conquer the grandline
    3.This leads me to believe both of them common disease and had a common doctor
    who was Dr kureha (in the end who was unable to cure disease ) in roger's case hence corcous joined
    p.txthkjl.png p.txtyyyyyyyyyyy.png
    4.according to me they both went to certain country of sakura which i believe is Kano country(West Blue) as its translation is "country of flowers"

    11kkk.jpg p.txthj.png
    5.Dr hiliuk beside not been a pirate had same morals reflecting in his jolly roger as mentioned by luffy also
    hjk.png fss.png p.txtlnn.png sasa.png
    6.both Roger and hiliuk entrusted their sons to their nakama/rival
    6.jpg 1111.png p.txt2222.png
    7.both hiliuk and roger sacrificed themselves passing there wills to others

    Chopper's real role
    so by the ending of One piece of strawhats dreams will be fulfilled
    Luffy-pirate king ,zoro- greatest swordsman etc...even brook will meet laboon ,but what will chopper achieve by the ending?,so according me Luffy will meet same illness as roger and hiliuk yes yes dont throw stones at yet there has signs ,how luffy is always reckless and hurts himself ,also the fact luffy shows so many parallels with roger ,

    Chopper will fullfill Dr hiliuk's will by curing luffy and becoming the panacea and also will surpass his teacher Dr kureha who was unable to cure both roger and hiliuk

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Recent Reviews

  1. joby
    Ahhhhhh! Awesome job! Really interesting parallels between roger and hiliuk I never caught!
  2. AdvancedLuffy
    Wonderful story.

    I do think Luffy is gonna catch a disease. His fight with Moria was a foreshadow for the same.
  3. Birdy
    Great connection between Hiluluk and Roger. Definitely hadn't noticed that myself. I don't think Luffy's gonna get sick, but it's still good content.
  4. Rej Discussions
    Rej Discussions
    Old theory mate, but you put everything together in an awesome build up!
    Still I think in order to achieve his goal he will have to become the best doctor of the world. This literally means he will have to surpass Law in some future plotpoint. Just my addition! :D Keep up the work, and stay tuned to my Law vs Chopper theory!
  5. yond
    Really obvious, pretty much canon at this point. I think you're onto something with the Sakura part though. Interesting that Hiluluk and Roger both wound up there being the only two notable characters to die off disease.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      given the fact i made this theory a year ago now people say its obvious at this point

      at wat point was it obvious ?
      when chopper became doc ?
      when chopper joined crew ?
      when ace died ?
      when luffy came back from death in impel down ?
      .coincidence guy below wrote exact same review
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