Plot Progression and Future Arcs

Theories related to the plot progression and future arcs are housed within this section.

Top Theories/Speculations

  1. Theory Fairy chess in Totland's arc and what could await us (plus Harry potter and Alice)
    Conections between chess games,the current and future arc - by CAMUNAI
    Updated: Jul 15, 2017
  2. Theory Elbaf, Enel and the Norse Mythology
    Connecting the Norse Mythology with the series (857+). - by Aloe Vera
    Updated: May 11, 2017
  3. Theory Skypiea, Impel Down and Blackbeard inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy (Bonus: Blackbeard's future DF)
    A theory that explains Skypiea, Impel Down and Blackbeard's connection to Dante's Divine Comedy. - by Mr. Tiddles
    Updated: Jan 14, 2017
  4. Theory Big Mom's Strongest - The 'Sweet Commanders' POWERS AND IDENTITIES
    In depth theory talking about who i believe to be the 3 sweet commanders and their powers. - by Joy_Boy
    Updated: Oct 11, 2016
  5. Theory The Ending of Whole Cake Island.
    Whole Cake Island is repeating BM's most traumatic experience. - by Okamakama
    Updated: Dec 6, 2017
  1. LogPose
    4.5/5, 2 ratings
  2. Sniper king ussop
    0/5, 0 ratings
    Apr 16, 2019
  3. Black Flame Titan
    2/5, 2 ratings
    Apr 9, 2019
  4. Yehia

    Theory The future of one piece

    What is the future for One Piece?
    3/5, 1 rating
    Apr 4, 2019
  5. Tejas
    3.875/5, 8 ratings
    Apr 1, 2019
  6. Nessos

    Speculation Kyoshiro's true identity!

    The last big plot twists in Wano will have to do with Kyoshiro!
    4.58333/5, 12 ratings
  7. Rej

    Speculation O-Tama's capture will trigger "Linlin4Nakama"!

    How the plot in Udon might go forward~ O-Tama & Big Mom.
    4.55556/5, 9 ratings
    Mar 22, 2019
  8. Rej

    Speculation Kawamatsu is a Kappa!

    I believe Kawamatsu is a Kappa or has the Kappa Zoan.
    4.625/5, 8 ratings
    Mar 15, 2019
  9. sschwartz0121

    Speculation Kid's bounty and his role in taking down kaido

    Kid's Bounty will have a huge jump after wano and he will play a big part in defeating kaido
    4.5/5, 2 ratings
    Mar 13, 2019
  10. Ashura the demon

    Speculation Kyoshiro And Shogun

    Kyoshiro and shogun's opponents in the wano arc.
    5/5, 1 rating
    Mar 4, 2019
  11. Monkey D. Draggin

    Speculation "Highest Bounty" Dragon & Shanks

    I will explain my thoughts on this from two perspectives; An author's and a story.
    4.5/5, 6 ratings
    Feb 28, 2019
  12. King of beasts kaido

    Speculation 90th Special! BIG MOM : Could her powers contact the Dead? Luffy Meets Gol.D.Roger ? Possibly Ace?

    A possible way of Luffy actully meeting Roger via Soru Soru No Mi. The key to beating kaido
    4.66667/5, 3 ratings
    Feb 21, 2019
  13. Rej

    Speculation Speculating FUTURE arcs: Estimating a prognosis!

    Using some plotmaterial to deliver you my picture of how things will evolve.
    4.88889/5, 9 ratings
    Feb 19, 2019
  14. Cabinboy126
    3/5, 1 rating
    Feb 15, 2019
  15. kikX

    Speculation Who will defeat Orochi

    Someone made a prophesy about this.
    1/5, 2 ratings
    Feb 8, 2019
  16. darkpit06

    Speculation The 3 Major Battles of Wano (SPOILERS)

    Where should Wano go from here? This is my thesis.
    4/5, 3 ratings
    Feb 2, 2019
  17. jinz
    4.61538/5, 13 ratings
    Feb 2, 2019
  18. GilgameshTheories

    Speculation Katakuri Left Big Mom In Order to Help Luffy?

    Chapter 930 came out today and Katakuri is nowhere to be found..
    1/5, 5 ratings
    Jan 18, 2019
  19. GilgameshTheories
    2/5, 1 rating
    Jan 15, 2019
  20. GilgameshTheories

    Theory Pudding is in Danger! Sanji's Tragic Future!

    Blackbeard going after Pudding's Devil's Fruit and how that will affect Sanji.
    3/5, 2 ratings
    Jan 13, 2019
  21. GilgameshTheories
    0/5, 0 ratings
    Jan 13, 2019
  22. King of beasts kaido

    Theory WANO:The Real Reason shanks meet the Gorosei? Roger Pirates are back? RED HAIRED PIRATES?

    Roger Pirates coming back to Avenge Oden? We finally see the power of the Red Haired Pirates
    3.42857/5, 7 ratings
    Jan 12, 2019
  23. Anonymous123

    Speculation The final war has already begun

    FInal war will be more like a saga than a self contained arc and wano/reveire is just part 1
    3/5, 2 ratings
    Jan 8, 2019
  24. RUgly Slinks

    Theory Oda Hinted Future Arcs In Enel Cover Story

    Future Main Story Arcs Were Foreshadowed By Oda In Enel Cover Story
    4.66667/5, 6 ratings
    Jan 5, 2019
  25. Sakkeru

    Theory Kaido and Orochi may not be the true Bosses of Wano (929+)

    Could there be a higher authority in charge of Wano?
    4.3/5, 10 ratings
    Jan 4, 2019
  26. Knee D.

    Theory The final third of One Piece

    Elbaf, the Sorbet Kingdom, the Moon, New Marineford/Mariejois, and the final war.
    4.69231/5, 13 ratings
    Jan 2, 2019
  27. Ashurockerz

    Speculation Momo's sister has the blueprints

    Momo's sister was the person who stole the blueprints
    1.5/5, 2 ratings
    Jan 2, 2019
  28. Critical Mindset

    Speculation The RA will fall: Luffy will become it's leader after having found the OP.The similarities with 1984

    Perhaps 1984 hold many clues to the One Piece saga. Does Oda have greater plans in store for Luffy?
    4.75/5, 4 ratings
    Jan 2, 2019
  29. Monkeylover

    Speculation The Wizard of OZ, Momotaro and other Storys and Legends helping to see the future of Wano/One Piece

    There are many elements from the story of the Wizard of Oz and Momotaro showing the future of OP.
    5/5, 3 ratings
    Jan 2, 2019
  30. Sniper king ussop
    2/5, 6 ratings
    Jan 2, 2019
  31. Mochi Mochi Katakuri Desu

    Theory Purin and Moria: The new "nakamas" of Black Beard

    why these two would fit like a pair of gloves in Black Beard Pirates
    4/5, 3 ratings
    Dec 20, 2018
  32. Donal D. Trump

    Theory A god, a moon and a whole lot of overdoing it

    Here is my take on the significance of the moon Enel traveled to
    2.33333/5, 3 ratings
    Dec 9, 2018
  33. Man of Theory

    Speculation Gecko Moria's New Zombie "Return Of The Lurking Legend" OP 927+Speculation

    Now that Gecko Moria is back in the story, What role will be play in the Wano arc?
    3.5/5, 2 ratings
    Dec 4, 2018
  34. Mr. Mister

    Theory How Kaido will be defeated and Blackbeard's rise in power.

    Kaido is unstoppable, and Blackbeard is still incomplete.
    2.5/5, 2 ratings
    Dec 3, 2018
  35. Donal D. Trump
    5/5, 4 ratings
    Nov 28, 2018
  36. flappy
    1/5, 2 ratings
    Nov 25, 2018
  37. Jarettz

    Theory Hiyori Revealed

    Hiyori has been infront of us since the beginning
    3/5, 3 ratings
    Nov 21, 2018
  38. Ashurockerz

    Speculation Shanks was a World Government Spy

    Shanks was a world government spy before joining the Roger Pirates
    1.66667/5, 3 ratings
    Nov 19, 2018
  39. Rej

    Theory Wano will be the target for the "Great Cleansing"!

    Let's tie EVERYTHING together. 2 Weeks, Ohara, Reverie, Big Mom, Wano and Elbaf!
    4.63158/5, 19 ratings
    Nov 12, 2018
  40. Sniper king ussop

    Speculation Kaido created the storm around wano

    Is it kaido who created that storm that makes it nearly impossible to land in wano ?
    5/5, 1 rating
    Nov 11, 2018
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