Theory CAPTIAN : How a Captian should die ? Why Whitebeard chose to die and What happened to the OroJackson

A Maritime Tradition " A Captain Must Go Down With the Ship "

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    How a Captian should die ? Why Whitebeard chose to die and What happened to the OroJackson

    Before I Start this theory I just wanted to say today is the anniversary of my 4th Year in Oro Jackson so I just wanted to do a Mini Theory on a possible One Piece Tradition

    The one piece world is Inspired by Real Life Pirates and Events but also follows certain traditions
    Such as
    ( Ceremony of exchanging Sake cups as a pledge of Friendship )
    This is Displayed when Ace Luffy and Sabo exanged a cup of sake to become Brothers

    But this Tradition is only followed by Captians of the Sea
    This is a Maritime Tradition

    ( You must have heard this if you watched the Titanic or the Pirates of the Caribbean )
    A Sea Captain holds ultimate responsibility for both his ship and everyone embarked on it and that in an emergency he will either save them or die trying
    Best example is
    Edward " Whitebeard " Newgate
    Followed This Tradition in Marineford after Akainu destroyed his main ship the Moby Dick. Whitebeard shed a tear
    After ace was freed
    He decided to Stay behind after saying the words
    This was After Ace was Free but shortly before he died meaning Whitebeard wanted to follow this tradition by Saving his crew or die trying
    His Final Captians Order was to Escape and Reunite in the New world


    Roger was the Captan of the Oro Jackson but after he disbanded the Roger Pirates what became of the Ship was unclear
    Roger Destroyed the Oro Jackson or the Roger Pirates Destroyed it following the Execution of its Captain

    He was man in the Filler Episodes of Luffy Sabo and Ace when they were kids
    He was also the captain of the Naguri Pirates
    He was defeated by Roger Pirates and after his ship was destroyed he also follows the Tradition by offering his life to spare his crew

    Garp could have Destroyed their Ship Meaning the Captian was Forced to save his crew from which ended with the captains death. Garp Took down the Captian ending the Rocks Era

    Could this Foreshadow Future of Certain Pirates and Marines?

    No matter How Kaido and Big Mom Treat their crew they are pirates from the Rocks And the Golden Eras meaning they will follow this tradition

    Shanks and Luffy are also pirates who would follow this tradition they will protect their ships and crews at all cost and would gladly go down with their ships

    Garp could also follow this as the Captian of his Ship as he would save everyone on the ship first if it's ever destroyed

    This was Followed by many Famous Captians

    May 30, 1918: When the Italian steamer Pietro Maroncelli was torpedoed by the German submarine UB-49 and started to sink, Italian Rear Admiral Giovanni Viglione, who was on board as the convoy commodore, ordered all the survivors into the lifeboats, then chose to stay aboard and to go down with the ship.

    October 24, 1944: Admiral Inoguchi Toshihira chose to go down with the Japanese battleship Musashi, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, even though he could have escaped. Over half of the ship's crew, 1,376 of 2,399, were rescued.

    Even Jack Sparrow Chose to go down with the Black Pearl when it was attacked by the Kraken he even called Barbossa not a true Captain by saying
    " If that ship be sunk properly you should be sunk with it "

    Ok that's it for this theory​
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