Bariete, the traitor of Zou

There is reason to believe there might be a traitor on Zou and Bariete is VERY suspicious!

  1. Joy_Boy
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    A Mink Traitor?

    Firstly, I think there is a traitorous mink.
    Wanda explains the question for us.
    1. How did Jack FIND Zou
    2. Jack seemed to KNOW Raizo was there. It didn't look like a hunch or speculation, despite the minks repeated lies under torture he never once considered it possible Raizo wasn't there.
    Then later, Inurashi reveals his suspicion that Jack had a Vivre Card leading him to Zou
    So, this had to be someone that was on Zou at the time Jack arrived and seems highly likely to be a MINK, since they are the only people on that Island outside of Raizo himself. And if Jack had a vivre card of Raizo, there would be no way he wouldnt be able to follow it directly to him.

    So this suggest to me that a Mink informed Kaido of Raizo's arrival on Zou, which is why Jack KNEW he was there, and led Jack there which is why Inurashi suspects they had a vivre card! So a Mink betrayed them!

    The Biggest Question

    There still remains the question that, if there was a traitorous mink, why didn't he inform jack of where the minks were hiding Raizo? It's hard to provide 'negative' evidence, but currently there is nothing to suggest Bariete knew where Jack was. In fact, the only people who definitely know are Inuarashi, Nekommamushi and the guardian minks.
    The Traitor is Bariete?
    So now, I think this traitorous Mink is Bariete. Here's the evidence, pay close attention to his facial reactions in the panels below.

    1. After Jack was defeated by Zunisha, only two people seemed to know what had happened. Keep in mind this sequence of events lasted only a few seconds from the time Jack started firing on Zunisha to the time he was wiped out. Momo saw through Zunishas' eyes and Bariete confirmed Jacks defeat.
    It seems as though Bariete might have known Jack was going to arrive.... and he certainly doesn't look happy about Jacks defeat.

    2. Bariete was bribed by Carrot into allowing her to sneak onto the SH ship that was about to head to big mom.
    He seems to think it wasn't a big deal because "carrot [didn't] want to betray" anyone.... It seems as though he might have a guilty conscious. This is possible foreshadowing that Bariete has done far worse than this already... Also paints him as a character who would do anything in exchange for a bribe.

    3. It also doesn't seem like he cares too much about what could happen to Carrot, since he has his banana he's happy.

    4. And the Samurai finally make it to Zou, if you remember the minks have been waiting for the Samurai to arrive for quite some time. This is what the minks wanted, yet Bariete doesn't seem happy at all...
    Kin'emon speaks of "much misfortune", was Bariete sabotaging them?

    5. immediately afterward, Kin'emon reveals that Bariete hasn't explained to them anything that has happened to Zou during their entire day voyage up Zunisha's leg.
    And he responds that he "doesn't know anything about anything", while looking pretty scared...
    This is definitely a lie, as it's implied just a panel later that he went to inform the Minks that the Samurai have arrived... Why would he lie?

    6. Then rather than guide the Samurai to the minks, he runs off saying "this is a huge problem, I have to report this". This is also translated as "this is serious!!! I have to report this".
    WHY WOULD THIS BE A PROBLEM!?! WHY IS THIS "SERIOUS!?" This is what the minks wanted!!! And he wants to report this to.... the minks? They never got that report... they didnt seem to know that the samurai had arrived untill Kin'emon announced his presence. Would ringing the bell constitute a "report".. if it does, the message seemed very unclear, Nekomamushi looked ready for battle...

    He probably went to report this to Jack.
    SO, it seems pretty obvious! If there is a traitorous Mink, my money is on Bariete! Bariete is the traitor who sold out Zou!

    Let me know what you think :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Revenant_465
    All of this makes perfect sense. Something else to note is that he was pretty much the only Mink that did not volunteer to go with the group to WCI.
  2. Torking
    Well done. The focus you gave to Bariette's expressions was a big selling for this theory.
  3. Lexie
    I had never noticed his reactions before. He has an (at least) weird behavior, and him being the traitor would make sense.

    I can't wait to know if you're right or not, but I personally think you are.

    Good job ^^
  4. Divvens
    Well explained and well composed, thanks for providing a video as well as textual explanation.

    The panels you have provided support your explanation, especially the point about his expressions, well noticed! The "I need to report" and subsequently not reporting was also a good catch.

    Many indeed to think Pedro or Carrot is/are the traitors, however you took a character that almost the entire fanbase wrote off and made him relevant again. Even if he isn't the traitor, good job for taking the time to concentrate on such a minor character!

    Enjoyed the read, keep it up.