Theory Barbarossa and Shanks The Emperors

The commonality between Emperor Barbarossa and Emperor Shanks.

  1. Izaya X
    Hey Guys ,first of all thanks that you took your time to read my theory.

    Before I start i should mention some things.
    1.I‘m not a Shanks fanboy but neither a Shanks hater.
    2.Barbarossa is a high wanked historical figure under historian,similar like Shanks is a high wanked character in One Piece.
    The description of Barbarossa comes from historians and aren’t my personal description of him.(You will understand it ,why I wrote this when you read the entire theory.)
    3.Why I believe that Shanks maybe has connections to German-Roman history,one of the reasons would be that other characters have similar connections to history.
    Kaido and Mongolen history,Celestial Dragons and the Vatican and French history etc.
    I believe that Shanks connections are not pure to Nordic History and Mythology more likely to the Middleage.

    Then let’s start

    First of all who’s is Shanks?
    He is a simple man who became a Yonko before his 27th year of life.
    The Yonko are a part of the three-power to maintain the balance of the world. Who are the Yonko?
    That would be Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, three legends from an era before Gol.D Roger. (I've mentioned the old yonko system without Blackbeard)
    And the last one Shanks,
    what we have learned about Shanks in chapter 907 is that Shanks and the World Government aren’t enemy’s.
    How did Shanks become a Yonko, pure in his strength? Maybe.
    What I'm aiming for is that it may be a deeper connection between Shanks and the World Government.
    And that would be an alliance between Shanks and the World Government, both have a common interest,the Balance of the World.
    In Doflamingo's speech was the matter who will ally with whom?Who will betray whom?


    And there’s something else I need to mention and that would that Sengoku and the Gorosei said something similar during Shanks presence.
    Only because it’s you

    To have one of the strongest Piratecrews as their allies is a big Power for the World Government.
    Even if they are pirates, even if they do not like the pirates, they still need their power.
    Similar as between the Emperor Frederick.I Barbarossa and the Pope Eugene.III

    But before we come to the topic of how this alliance came about there is still the question in the room who was the Holyness Frederick the First?

    Historians consider him among the Holy Roman Empire's greatest medieval emperors. He combined qualities that made him appear almost superhuman to his contemporaries: his longevity, his ambition, his extraordinary skills at organization, his battlefield acumen and his political perspicacity. His contributions to Central European society and culture include the reestablishment of the Corpus Juris Civilis , or the Roman rule of law, which counterbalanced the papal power that dominated the German states since the conclusion of the Investiture Controversy.

    Some Folks would probably describe Shanks in a similar Way.


    His biography is not really important to the Topic Shanks, you doesn’t need to read it but you can.

    Barbarossa Biografie ,
    1122 This seems to be the year when Frederick I, called Barbarossa,Rotbart (what literally means Redbeard)was born, probably at Waiblingen, Germany. Frederick I Barbarossa came to the throne because of Conrad III’s wish, whose nephew he was. Dying, he said to his parents that he wanted Frederick as his successor.

    1125 He was chosen at Frankfurt and crowned at Aachen as King of Germany.

    1154 He was crowned King of Italy at Padova.

    1154-1183 People in the North of Italy did not agree his ambitions because during this period a long conflict started.

    1155 He was crowned Emperor of Holy Roman Empire by Pope Adrian IV, who he came into a conflict.
    1165 Papacy was by Italian cities’ side led by Milan, excommunicating Frederick.

    1167 The conflict became stronger, Italian cities: Milan, Parma, Padova, Verona, Brescia, Piacenza, Bologna, Cremona, Mantua and Bergamo established an alliance called “Lombardy League”.

    1176 The alliance made by Italian cities succeeded to remove Frederick’s influence in Italy, defeated him on May 29th at Legnano, especially that Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, refused to help.

    1177 Frederick and the Pope signed a treaty at Venice and the emperor recognized Alexander III as the real Pope. In front of Saint Mary Church, Frederick received the kiss of peace by Pope, but a humbling kiss.
    Henry the Lion’s betrayal made Frederick angry. Duke of Saxony was the strongest prince of the Germans, he had important possessions from the emperor and the right to invest bishops on the lands from the Eastern part of Elba river. Economical power of Duke increased after the foundation of Munchen and Lubeck. After Legnano battle the emperor accused him for betrayal, conquered Lubeck and took his equities. He obliged Henry the Lion to leave into an exile in England, to his father-in-law, Henry II.

    After this, Frederick I Barbarossa succeeded to threaten papacy authority in Italy, unifying Kingdom of Sicily with the Empire, married his son, Henry IV, to the Norman heir princess from here. Conflicts with papacy did not stop him to answer the calls to the crusade, especially because he was an admirer of chivalric ideals.

    1178 He was crowned at Arles as Burgundy King.

    1184 This year, at Mainz, within a special ceremony during the festival, he raised his sons at the rank of knights.

    1188 At “Diet of Christ”, as diet from Mainz was called, he accepted to go to the Orient to free Jerusalem. In a gesture of goodwill towards papacy he agreed to give back Countess Matilda of Toscana’s Duchy to the Papal State. His gesture made the Pope glad but did not help him within his campaign against faithful people.

    1189-1990 During this period he was one of the leaders of Crusade III together with King Philip II of France and King Richard I of England.

    1190 He died on June 10th, drowned on Saleph river (nowadays Gosku), in Anatolia, Minor Asia, river that he was trying to cross.
    Interesting aren’t it he died in a river,
    And do you guys know what the name Beckman (Ben Beckman Shanks Vice Captain)means,

    English: topographic name for someone who lived beside a stream, river from northern Middle English bekke ‘stream’ (Old Norse bekkr) + man ‘man’. Swedish (Bäckman): ornamental name composed of the elements bäck ‘stream’ + man ‘man’. Respelling of German Beckmann.



    So now to the topic Shanks and Barbarossa.

    Barbarossa became the emperor of the German-Roman Empire at the age of 33.
    Shanks became one of the Four Emperors at least at the age of 27 .
    Two very young Emperors.
    Side fact :Barbarossa became the Emperor on 9.march same date as Shanks Birthday

    -His Territory
    The Germany that Frederick tried to unite was a patchwork of more than 1600 individual states, each with its own prince. A few of these, such as Bavaria and Saxony, were large. Many were too small to pinpoint on a map.

    Shanks territory could be similar,He probably has a fleet to take care of the territories.With many fleet captains like Luffy,Shanks likes to travel around the World but who guards his territories, answer his fleet.

    -His Alliance
    The future emperor and the pope agreed that the rule of the Normans in southern Italy must be removed. Barbarossa promised papal legates that he would not conclude a peace or ceasefire with either the Roman citizenship or King Roger II without the Pope's consent. Rather, he wanted to force the Romans back under the rule of the pope and the Roman church. As a guardian of the Church, he was to defend the honor of the papacy and the registers of St. Peter in all its dangers. Pope Eugene promised next to the imperial coronation the excommunication of anyone "who would violate the right and honor of the Empire". The Pope and the future emperor promised each other not to make concessions to the Byzantine Empire in Italy. About these agreements Eugen III. on March 23, 1153 signed a document from the so-called Konstanzer Contract.

    The pope needed the power and the Might of Barbarossa to control the Roman Empire.
    So maybe there was was a similar Situation between Shanks(Barbarossa) and IM Sama and the Gorosei (Pope)
    The World Government would have with Shanks a guardian who protects the World balance.(the Three Power)
    Shanks knewed about the cleansing, so he decided to be the bridge between the Yonkos and the World Government.
    So that doesn't a world war would break out between the Yonkos and the World Government ,where it would probably given many victims.
    What Shanks tries to prevent.

    13th-century stained glass image of Frederick I, Strasbourg Cathedral

    I know that this Theory isn’t that long but i tried to make it short to read.
    They are probably more parrells between Shanks and Barbarossa but we know far too less about Shanks to go further.

    Thanks for reading this theory so far. Let me know what do you think about it.

    If you doesn’t rate this theory with 5 stars, a sea king will come and will bite off your arm xd take it with humor.XD

    Links about Barbarossa


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  1. Humanninjaturtle
    Barbarossa for those from latín language countries , was an easy connection for red hair/ red "beard". But I never heard his story. Nice job.
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  2. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Cool research and interesting connections. And you're, right, a stream is called bäck in swedish (depensing on the size though) so hehe good figuring that one out :) I feel there is a lot of redundant information and not a lot of conections but that's fine, I liked the conections and well have to wait and see
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks man :)
  3. Oreki
    Nice theory, the connection between Barbarossa are quite accurate. I love the entire theory, so have *High five* also have 5stars
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks buddy :)
  4. BucketLover
    The connections are too accurate for it to be a conicidence so good job for figuring it all out. Oda really likes basing his characters on real people so this isn't far-fetched either. I liked this a lot! :D
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  5. tangerinesmoke
    wow this was so simple and nicely put! The similarities are uncanny that's for sure. Nice catch with the details especially the birthday. I honestly wanted to read more, I do feel like there's still more to it but as you said, it's limited for now coz Shanks is so damn mysterious. XD let's see in the future then~
    1. Izaya X
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
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