Theory Ancient Weapons, Betrayals & Cover-Ups. What really happened during the void century?

This theory will rock your Chopper!

  1. Donal D. Trump
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: I did a 2 part series that pretty much includes most information in a more coherent way. It explains the full story of what happened during the void century and what the "will of D." & One Piece is. It goes into detail of character motivations and the general themes of Joyboy & Imu-sama.

    Part 1: Joyboy

    Part 2: Imu-sama

    I would urge you to read those two theories instead. Its way more coherent and splitting it up makes it easier to understand. Thanks!

    Hello everyone,

    I worked on this theory for quite a while and it tries to encapsulated my current thoughts on:

    1. the void century
    the will of D.
    and the One Piece itself.

    I am going to address hopefully all of them and will not let anything slip, but if I do I will add the things I have forgotten to mention later on. This will be a long theory and I should add that its something you might not like because it will not have anything to do with the moon. I am also trying to predict the plot twist of the series based on the evidence at hand.Without further ado LEGO!

    World government = WG
    Ancient kingdom = AK
    Whitebeard = WB
    Blackbeard = BB

    Now lets begin with what we know about the void century. We all know the "unofficial story" of what happened. There was a kingdom that had ideals and enemies.


    Those enemies feared these ideals and became the future WG. Also knowledge about the AK was systematically wiped out due to the claim that the ancient weapons will be revived and it would be a huge danger to the world.


    We got sort of confirmation that what he said is true because the Gorosei panicked and further killed him and everyone else because he/they knew too much and couldnt be allowed to live. What we also can draw from this scene is that the "ancient weapon" argument is used as an excuse by WG to do about anything to anybody. Additionally we are aware that the AK actually had knowledge about Pluton and Poseidon.

    The blue prints of Franky were written in the ancient language and the poneglyphs explained what/who poseidon(Shirahoshi) is in the same language. So the ancient kindgom is directly related to the ancient weapons.


    We also know that the poneglyphs where made on indestructible stones to endure the test of time. Their message is so important to the AK and the world itself. This knowledge about what happened during the void century is the GREATEST THREAT to the WG. NOT the ancient weapons.

    Now we switch to the hints of the will of D.(WOD) . WB talked with Roger about it all(all my 3 points) and he found out about everything including One Piece, D. and more! What is interesting is that he says Blackbeard himself is NOT one of them. He is not the man Roger is waiting for as well.

    He is not a person who carries on Roger's will and therefore doesn't possess the WOD. In this context Roger's will is the WOD because he is fullfilling it himself. Roger connected the D. to the AK by explaining what the D. stands for and WB told us that Roger's will has been passed long ago and time and time again. This is important later on. We can draw that D's can or cannot have the WOD. So not ALL D's possess it! Which makes sense because its completely unrealistic that an entire country would have the same will or want the same thing.


    Then of course we can focus on the current power structure of the WG to know and find out who calls the shots and therefore presumably back in the void century (We know a person in OP must be immortal due to the knowledge of the secret ability that the Opi-Opi no mi possesses. It was used once and that person might still live. That would explain how Doflamingo knew about it. But this point is not important to the theory and IM can be just an ancestor).


    From this scene we learned that the gorosei are under one shadow ruler of the world. What is also interesting is this. I call it "The official story of the WG "democracy"." That every member is equal and that nobody is allowed to sit the throne or that person would be the supreme ruler and therefore it never can happen is a scam. So we know that the entire existence of the WG is a lie and that the members(kingdoms) are not aware of that. They are under the rule believing the official story. The truth is that somebody calls all the shots and is the absolute ruler of the world.


    Nothing too spicy is going on yet, this is all just setup. You all heard it before and it will get good now! This is where we get into speculation territory and people might tune out but I think the more I explain the more it will make sense to you.

    Who was the enemy of the ancient kingdom? You might say the WG but thats not the entire solution. Who EXACTLY was it? WHICH countries? Well all, 20 countries within the original make sense, but that doesn't sounds reasonable. That one country would go against 20 countries? Isn't that suicide? The truth goes in another direction and let me explain why. The ancient kingdom had allies and we even know some of them. One Ally was even part of the 20 original families. The Nefertari family. How can we know this? Because a poneglyph was within Alabasta, that was no mistake and the Nefertari family hid that from the world and protected it. It was even passed down WHAT the message is on the stones. Knowledge shows who was really allied.


    Even though Cobra cant read the ancient language he still knows that the location of Pluton is on the poneglyph. So the people who made those stones told the Nefertari family what was on them. And we know that the AK used these stones for the passing of the true history. But why did the Nefertari family even join the WG at all when they where allied with the ancient kingdom?


    Lets go to another pice of evidence. The person who wrote this poneglyph is called "Joyboy" he had influence within the AK to do order a personal poneglyph. That shows he is a top dog within the AK and possibly the king himself. There are more allies that we know about and they are the minks and even fishmen. EACH got a poneglyph and has knowledge of what is written on these stones. So the situation is not what we thought. It wasnt 1 great country against 20 countries but more like 5 super powers against 19 random nations.


    On top of it there was a deeper connection between the mermaid princess(former Poseidon) and Joyboy. A promise was made and broken by Joy Boy and thats his personal poneglyph was made and sent to the ryuugu kingdom..


    They actually had a plan that included the Noah which of course is there for transportion(its a ship, duh) and is so huge it could probably include all the fishmen in there. Which shows that there was an ongoing plan of migrating the fishmen somewhere else.


    Concerning Zou and the mink tribe we get to know something else. They are allied with the Kozouki clan and that Zunisha is over 1000 years old and lived through the void century. The Kozouki clan of course created the pongelyphs and the connection is already made and confimred. Her comes another interesting bit. The thing is that Zunisha was "condemned" to walk the earth till the end of its day as a punishment for a supposed crime. That can or can not be true. Its quite possible that this is a plot that the AK/Kozouki family came up with to prevent their enemies to get one of the poneglyphs and therefore One Piece. Through time this information got lost and later changed.

    But there is more to it. Momonosuke has the ability to communicate and give orders to Zunisha. We know only of one person who did that before and that was the person who "punished" Zunisha. It seems unable to distinct between Momonusuke and whoever ancestor that gave him the order to walk in the past. It seems to know him as his master(even though it should be there first meeting).


    The Kozouki clan CREATED the poneglyphs but where not part of the AK. And this is where the story gets even more confusing. Why is the Wano country still there and not exterminated? If its true that Wano was an ally of the AK why would they leave wano alone? Why did they ONLY destroyed this one country, but nobody else? Where all these allies only secret allies? Why would they be? We know Wano is an incredibly powerful country which can survive and repel the WG itself. Its a very strong nation and with Alabasta, Ryuuga Kingdom and Zou(which has absolute amazing warriors and Zunisha itself) the fight seems actually on the side of the AK. Especially if they where prosperous and included D's who we know are amazingly talrnted and have strong wills. It seems like the more we know the less the story makes sense.

    The ancient kingdom and its allies seem like the greater power than those 19 random countries. Especially when we know they are basically degenerates. Furthermore lets not forget about the ancient weapons that possessed/where allied with ancient weapons. Something more than a war has to have happened.

    1. Now what really happened during the void century?

    Now we come to the answers we all seek. The answer is that the WG never beat the ancient kingdom by itself. The true enemy of the AK was a fraction within the AK itself. Now this might sound not plausible but we know this for certainty. I say remember Blackbeard! He is a D. and his ancestors are surely from the ancient kingdom but he doesn't possess the WOD and is not aligned to the purpose of the AK(thats why WB called him out). So we know that people within the AK can go against the AK. I assume it was a coup d'etat by people within the AK who sold the rulers out. Not only a simple war but more importantly a CIVIL WAR! This is a theme within One Piece that CONSTANTLY repeats itself. A kingdom is taken over by a shadowy figure, the world thinks the benevolent king is responsible and the people revolt against him. Later on the King is taken down and replaced by the "savior". Sounds familiar? We have seen these civil wars firstly in Alabasta and lastly in Dressrosa. Where funnily enough(or goda foreshadowing) a former CD gets exposed and beaten for the world to see.

    And that the crime of the coup was perpetrated by the people within the ancient kingdom could explain the censorship of history. If they would just be an enemy there is no reason to hide the truth. They already would have justified cause by defiance and open rebellion to war. There is no reason to cover-up if you can just demonize your enemies afterwards and be done with it. The winners write history and the removal of history is only necessary if that would ruin the current status quo of who is on top of the ladder.

    So lets go into more detail of what happened during void century:

    1. The ancient kindgom was a prosperous nation that where allied with the Ryuuga kingdom, Alabasta, the minks and the Kozouki clan. The allied nations didn't get removed from history but only the AK.
    2. One of the members of the ancient kingdom was Joyboy and he was one of the leaders of the country. He has the influence to create a poneglyph and have a personal message on it. That implies he could be the king of the entire AK.
    3. There was a plan with the Poseidon to migrate the fishmen somewhere else.
    4. Zou got "punished" to walk the earth forever and can be influenced by Momonosuke(who is a member of the Kozuki family).
    5. The poneglyphs where created to preserve the truth of what happened to the kingdom.

    So lets bring all the pieces together and try to speculate some more. Lets talk some more about who the allies are. We see that the "keepers of Pluton" Alabasta, Poseidon herself and Kozouki clan who has the power to see with Zunisha's eyes and give orders that nobody else could give. Here it makes too much sense to say that Momonosuke is almost definitely an ancient weapon and therefore Uranus. Its not too important what the ability exactly is, its more important that the AK was allied with the possessors of all ancient weapons(AW). So what the Gorosei said has some truth to it. The AK flirted with the AW but their intentions where wise. But here lies another mystery.

    How would the later WG know about the AW's?

    I dont think Alabasta told anyone. I don't think Poseidon would ever tell the secret because even Neptune said the WG/pirates would take her then.


    This is another possible hint that the future WG wanted the AW but the ones who had them didn't want to use them. The Kozouki clan doesn't seem like the talkative type as well. Oden never gave in. So how did they know? Because a fraction within the AK told them. It makes sense! The only one who would know about the AW's is the AK itself because they where connected to all those allies! Now I think you are ready for the entire truth:

    The AK with Joyboy as their leader made great allies and prospered together. They made great inventions and the allies of the AK confided the truth about the AW with Joyboy and his near circle. He didn't want to abuse the AW but someone/a group within the AK thought otherwise. They conspired with the future WG(20 countries) against the AK and dethroned Joyboy and his followers and took control over the country. Alabasta was part of the planing and they found out that the a coup to take over the AK is going to happen. If they take over the nation they have a shot to obtain the ancient weapons and therefore supremacy in the world. Nobody could stop them if the only super power that they can't beat is defeated through deceitful means.

    So the AK had to act quickly IN ORDER TO PREVENT the ancient weapons going in to the hands of the new rulers. They created the poneglyphs and gave them to their allies that they can ABSOLUTELY trust(other allies might be there but are not even close as trust worthy, we are talking ancient weapons here that can destroy the world). Joyboy wrote a letter to Poseidon and apologized that their dream will not come true anymore(what that dream exactly is, will be in my ideas about One Piece). The secrets of the ancient weapons are passed to the people who need to know(D./allies of the AK).

    But who did the betrayal?

    IM or one of his/her ancestors. Yes, that person is not only an CD, he/she was the person who had the entire idea of the WG(Leading shadowy without everyone knowing, so nobody can ever get to you). The person who betrayed the AK and with all the resources of it created the organization WG and became the unofficial ruler of the world. He/She had EVERY reason to cover up the history .

    Why would IM hide?

    If IM is the most powerful person why not take leadership openly from the beginning? Because again, IM was part of the AK! Isnt that the DEEPER reason why the history was removed? So that nobody can know where IM even comes from and that nobody who is alive can JUDGE him? Isnt that the only thing he/she truely fears?

    2. What is the will of D.?

    What happened to the AK and its people? We now know why the void century happened but why would everyone be killed when the AK was taken over by a fraction of it? Because the AK would never let IM rule. They would revolt against him and that is what the WOD is. The AK's dislike against IM's betrayal and the conviction of the AK to never be lead by a traitor. They would never be lead by someone who woudn't stand for his nakamas. The freedom that was lost that day had to be regained in the future and thats why some of the people left the island before its destruction. They used the secret name "D." so nobody except their own would know. They give through their individual families their version of the story of the past.

    But of course in hundreds of years even those stories get lost and they change. We have to remember that the legacy of the AK are not only the D.'s but IM, too. Only one of them can live in the end. The showdown will happen and one of them has to go down. The story is a little different then we think. Its not WG against AK but AK VS AK. In other words D's VS D's ! Thats what I think the plot twist of the series will be. Joyboy's ideology who made friends in the world and didn't want to abuse them against IM's need to oppress everyone.

    3. So, what is the ONE PIECE now?

    Well, this will be revealed on another day... ;)

    But let me end on a note that will make you understand IN better. Even though this theory might not come true there is one thing that is definitely intended. All the themes that where layed down with Roger's last words "That which cannot be stopped, inherited will, a man's dream and the flow of time" are the antithesis of IM. He/She is very likely immortal, time is not of value to him/her. He/She has no dreams. IM already fulfilled his/her dreams by taking control of everything(if you can consider tyranny a "dream"). IM doesn't give anybody his/her will to inherent. Also another gem is "People die when they are forgotten" but nobody except the Gorosei and people who unintentionally(from IM's perspective) know that IM even exists. Nobody can even forget about IM because nobody really knows.

    I hope you enjoyed it and my grammar wasn't too distracting! I'll make it more coherent later.

Recent Reviews

    This is a good one .
    But I do not totally agree with you on BlackBeard(BB) . On Jaya , he seems to support Luffy when everyone was dissing him. It was on Chapter 225 .
    He asked Nami why she was angry even if Luffy and Zoro won the fight against bellamy . He proclaimed that a man's dream will never die .He also supported their reasoning not choosing not to fight if there was no reason .
    Also I find it very unique but here Luffy was actually disrespectful towards BB (at this point he does not know of BB's betryal of Whitebeard) . Him killing Thatch is the only thing that can be considered evil . He is like a wild dog .He recruited Akainu even if he was Marine Admiral and most likely a spy ,his reasoning being Shirui also being as same as him. It is hard to predict him but he also values man's dream ergo a man's freedom(the will of D?) .
    I believe that him doing weird things is connected to "THEY" pointed out by Luffy and Zoro .
    Also IM has him on his hitlist , he could have pitted BB against Luffy but that does not seem to be the case .
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      I agree on your take on BB's personality completely. I probably have not explained it too well and I will elaborates some more. The point was not to state that BB has no admirable beliefs. BB must share some principles that aline with the Strawhats and we know that the D's have strong wills as well. but The point though was to state that D's don't necessarily have to follow the will of the ancient kingdom(with probably Joyboy as their leader). Joyboy as a character is way closer to Roger and especially Luffy who on his way made the same allies as Joyboy. That is the will of D. that Luffy possess and that BB is definitely missing. Whitebeard knows it all and told it to BB directly "You are not one of them". That BB was chosen as a target by IM is actually more proof of exactly that. Why would IM want to go after BB? Because he is a D. and IM believes him to have the will of D. as well. IM probably perceives BB to be as much of a threat to him as Luffy. IM doesn't know the personality of either but we know better because we know that BB doesn't follow the same track as Luffy. BB wouldn't ever actually help the people as Luffy does. Thanks for the review and I hope you liked the theory!
  2. Masbabas
    first of, damn that was long.

    now get to point based on your speculation, AK likely have 4 main allied. when AK or joyboy defeated this 5 scaterred and hidden in their own way. wano heavily guarded, fishman island deep in seas, minks lost in zou while alabasta seems to be surrender and joined the WG.
    i believe this four allied have road ponelgyph.
    but then, what if. Alabasta was the one who ratted out about AK.
    it will make a sense then why they joined WG and why the CP9 pursuit of Pluton.

    while it highly speculated where im's from. i'd like to believe that he is nefertiri

    it is well written and straightforward. good job
    1. Donal D. Trump
      Author's Response
      We definitely know that the minks got a road poneglyph. I think its safe to say that due to Kaido having one he got his from Oden/Wano. But we don't know where Big Mom got hers and where the last one is. If Alabasta would have betrayed the AK the story wouldn't make much sense because they would have told the WG about the poneglyph in Alabasta. That they stayed quite on that subject leads me to believe that they were loyal or the WG would have obtained Pluton long ago. In fact the entire alliance was loyal and it had to be someone within the AK which would make that person very likely a D. This would be a perfect plot twist. That a D caused a "storm" aka the "void century" and that the resolution of the series is that the culprit gets his judgment by his own, long forgotten people aka the will of D.
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