Theory Ancient Weapons: Astronomy, The real source

Moons of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are the inspiration for Ancient Weapons

  1. NamisOrigin
    Excellent theory. Fits Oda's thinking. Would love if this is explained in side manga.
  2. NinjaGamer
    WOAH. This is amaze, the connections that you have found are absolutely groundbreaking.
  3. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Finally finished reading(had in mind, as looked through this before for the lion. In my own past theory for animal foreshadowing. I saw Brook animal horse/mixed with a lion.

    and on the ruins in a cover we see brook animal the horse- and the lion on the other mural. (hinting two grandfathers)

    Suggesting both brook/the guy i suspected bobbin as the lion animal. (there even sphynx head lion similar to his mask )

    I don't know much on what pluton/uranus

    But If the leopard and Elephant are him and zou.

    Oda hinting vampire, and there is a report about vampire biting the elephant who went on a rampage(vampire gain control of person they bite and turn) This could just be inspiration clue between bobbin(sora) and the elephant. But if sora wants world peace. and zou miss behaved in the past..maybe it was him?

    I can't really say since i don't know how long he been alive-just inspiration clues i see to zou and this sora guy.

    Zou-pluton (miss behaving)
    Sora--in past looked simple if he did join, oda hints him a giant so possible carries the sunny. ( I honestly don't know if that uranus, it looks more like upgrade)

    Your hydra statement that guards the golden apple (in alabasta it mentions eating a golden apple to live for 1000 years) Sora been hinted to apple symbol clue (apple probably inspiration to the adam and eve story- as he hinted to be super smart.

    and pluton being in alabasta (sora clue shows him in alabasta in the story covers)

    there is one more inspiration- let me know in bt, you might like it. As note you really into history/myth lore! (post getting long)
  4. monkey_d.luffy
    Love this theory very well researched and explained! Would be great if it actually happened!
  5. beck
    I love it! Well researched and greatly explained...I would love for this to happen and if it's ok, I'll include it on my animated one piece spinoff
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Long time no speak! Im glad you liked the theory and want to include it in your spinoff, just reference the theory. Are you going to publish it on random boredom production?
  6. kramdrarig
    such an amazing theory. when momo's voat was revealed, i thought maybe he was uranus. thinking about it now, maybe momo thought he met roger becoz, roger left something in wano or zou and it talks to him.
  7. Helheim
    Amazing how you connect this all in a seemingly flawless manner. A well researched and thought out theory.
  8. Luna <3
    Luna <3
    Well all i can say is, it was damn good. Keep up the good work bro :)
  9. Uyuu
    it is an awesome read. I'm a bit disagree on the part of what Uranus is, since Uranus imo as a weapon should only be able to controllable by one person at a time, but aside from that, the connections are very very visible.

    The most amazing connection between planets, their satellites and the names and nature of ancient weapons, it's a delicious read.
  10. Hawkanomics
    I realize I'm reading this extremely late, but truly was a pleasure to read. Fantastic theory, as well supported as it could be for a One Piece theory. There's so much we don't know, but imagining the possibilities is what makes One Piece a masterpiece.

    I look forward to many more years of One Piece, and many more theories like this one.
  11. IceQueenFreya
    Five star! Speechless. Please please give updates for Uranus part of this theory as soon as you could come up with one. :-)
  12. Will Of D
    Will Of D
    This is well researched theory, and D clan will be major plot poiny when it comes to ancient weapons.
    Also, Strawhats could be traditional symbol for D clan, going by revelation ch. 906.
  13. KayabaJ
    Love it, especially the part about Oda star :D it would be amazing.
  14. Thomasengine
    Really enjoyed reading this. I hope you actually end up being right on everything.
  15. D. Beer
    D. Beer
    man... first time I read such an amazing theory, you went so far in explanations... congratulations, I hope some of yours elements are true
  16. Pusa_08
    Aaamazing theory.. this is really very informative.. I like the way the information presented in a proper way.
  17. AdvancedLuffy
    Really amazing theory. I like the way the information is researched and presented in a proper way.
  18. Ravagerblade
    Very thought out theory and a very real possibility of being true. Great Job.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoyed it! I am surr that Uranus is related to the Ds. Im working on a theory now but Im a bit blocked at the moment. Thanks for the support, that helps!
  19. YiRen187
    OMG!! I had a hunch about the naming of the ancient weapons after reading Skypiea Arc and Enel's after story but I didnt go deep enough!!

    I'm not gonna too deep with this review the only thing i can say is...

    man, seriously, you have done one hell of an amazing job.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Very happy to see you liked it that much! Please, consider reading my other theories. Im working on a new one but is taking lot of time.
  20. Kensei
    5! I like. I liked it. Amazing theory! You wrote really well my bro. Do not stop writing the theory. Run and run!
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      I always try to make the theories entertaining. Maybe because I have a very small atenttion span myself. Thanksnfornthe 5 stars!
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