Theory Ancient Weapons: Astronomy, The real source

Moons of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are the inspiration for Ancient Weapons





    Hi everyone! CamuNai here bringing you a theory on a week with no manga chapter. It will be a bit demanding but not less than less rewarding, I hope.

    This time the topic is the Ancient Weapons ! So many people have been publishing different theories and it is difficult to add something new, specially having so few information. But I think I may have find the real source our beloved Eichiro Oda took inspiration from. A pattern that fits nicely with what we already know and no one has previously spoken about.


    Okay, this "trip" is starting right now and it will take time for everything to start to make sense so please fast your belts and enjoy the flight. Ready??? Let´s do this!!!


    - Something does not fit: I explain why ancient weapons aren't based of eachs gods.
    - The Sneaky Twist: What they are really based of.
    - Poseidon and Pluton: Explanation and speculation of both AWs
    - Uranus: Deduction of what Uranus is and further speculation.
    - Last note


    Answer this question: Did we ever get a good explanation from the source of inspiration for the ancient weapons? I think not. Why? Because neither god Poseidon nor god Pluto relate well to their respective ancient weapons:

    As you all know the three ancient weapons are:

    -Poseidon: A mermaid that can call the seakings with her scream.
    -Pluton: A ship that could destroy an island.
    -Uranus: (We know nothing)

    Do the ancient weapons really resemble these gods? Judge yourself:

    -Poseidon: Greek olympian god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
    -Pluto: Roman olympian god, ruler of the underworld.
    -Uranus: Greek primordial god of the sky.

    Let´s check the lack of similarities between the gods and the ancient weapons:

    -First, how can a ship (Pluton) resemble the God of the underworld? It simply doesn´t, a ship is a ship and god is a god :sweatsmile:. I mean, a vehicle that travels the seas and a human-looking god that lives in the underworld are nothing alike. Especially considering I have found a more fitting inspiration (later revealed).

    - Second , Shirahoshi´s power and outlook don´t exactly resemble god Poseidon´s:

    "Poseidon was an anthropomorphic (human shaped, with legs) god that could shake the earth, was able to cause tempests and earthquakes, drown lands, shatter rocks and had the ability to finally bring back peacefulness". This description is not particularly similar to Shirahoshi´s image and ability. Especially considering I found someone much more similar.

    But then why would Oda give the ancient weapons those "unfitting" names? I will cover this in the next section

    - 1.Conclusion: The Ancient Weapons are not based of the gods Poseidon, Pluto and Uranus.



    So if the ancient weapons Poseidon and Pluton are not named after the gods ... What else can they be related to?

    Let´s see .... Uranus, Pluto... ( Jupiter, Saturn....)

    ....THE PLANETS! The three outer planets!


    Think about it:

    -¿Why would Oda give a greek name to Uranus, Poseidon and a roman name to Pluto ?
    -Why would Oda give a olimpian name to Pluton and Poseidon and a primordial god name to Uranus?
    Precisely because Pluto and Uranus are planets. If Oda wanted to give a god name to the three of them the best option w
    ould be to call them by the names of the three Olympian brothers: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.


    And do I have to say how Oda has been teasing the theme of astronomy and space since long ago? (Cover pages, Monets book, Oharas planetary...).

    Anyway, probably you are thinking this right now:

    - Come on CamuNai ... I know that Uranus and Pluto are planets, but what about Poseidon?

    - I know, I know... But I just feel that calling the three ancient weapons Uranus, Pluto and Neptune (the roman Poseidon) would have been too easy to relate to the planets. Naming it "Poseidon" has been a trap from Oda to us. Anyway, we get a hint to the "planetary connection" because Shirahoshi´s dad is called Neptune (as the planet). Remenber, all the planets are named after roman gods (Neptune is the roman Poseidon, as Pluto is to Hades).

    - 2.Conclusion. Ancient weapons seem related to the planets named after the gods Pluto, Neptune and Uranus.

    - WAIT THERE!!! YOU ARE MAKING TOO MANY ASUMMPTIONS HERE!!! - you say.... except i am not. Just check these images:

    Pluto´s main moon is Charon !!


    Who is Charon ? The Ferryman of the underworld. This does fit the ancient weapon, the ship of destruction, better.

    Check the images:





    What about Poseidon then? Neptune´s main moon is Triton !!!


    Who is Triton? The merman god that controls the sea´s daemons! This does fit the ancient weapon better.

    Check the images:




    I think Oda may have been inspired by the famous series " Sailoor Moon" where Pluto, Uranus and Neptune were the most powerful fighters and defenders of the solar system. You aren´t still convinced? Wait for the next part.

    3.Conclusion : Ancient Weapons are inspired by the moon of their corresponding planet, not the gods ( that´s the twist). The planet gives the name, the moon describes the weapon.

    If the ancient weapon Pluton is based of the moon of the planet Pluto and Poseidon is based of the moon of the planet Neptune (roman version of Poseidon) ..... Then does this pattern work for Uranus? Yes it does! Uranus´ moon give us clues about the third ancient weapon, but you will have to wait for that..... ;)

    Poseidon and Pluton or Triton and Charon
    So who exactly are these two characters? Lets start with Triton:

    Triton = Poseidon

    TRITON lived with his parents (Neptune and Anphirite) , in a golden palace on the bottom of the sea. Unlike his father he had a fish tail. Triton is the host of Tritones, daimones of the sea (often depicted with sea monsters), he could control the sea with the sound of his horn, which sounded like a roar and he also wore shells. Doesn´t this sound much more similar to Shirahoshi?? Triton just looks as Shirahoshi and has very similar capabilities. Let´s do a fact-check of their similarities:

    - Fish-tail, check
    - Lives in a palace under the ocean, check
    - Daughter / Son of a character called Neptune, check
    - Uses sound to control his power, check
    - Is the host of the daemons of the sea, check
    - Wear shells (Shirahoshi´s top), check.


    But maybe if we research the rest moons from this planetary system we may get more information! These are Neptune´s moons:

    The second biggest moon is Nereid. Who is she? Or better said: Who are they? The Nereids were the 50 daughters of Nereus. They often accompany Poseidon. They often appear mounted on sea monsters.

    The best depiction of the is the altar of domitius ahenobarbus:



    Could it be that the seakings were inspired by the Nereids? If so, we could assume there are 50 seakings in total.

    Proteus, the third biggest moon, was a merman that was capable of foreseeing the future, maybe that is where Oda took the idea of Madam Shirley´s prophecy about Luffy.


    Unfortunately we don´t have so much information about Charon. As said before, Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. So he rode a ship that brought the people from the world of the living to the world of the dead. Isn´t that similar to a ship that can destroy an island? (As Crocodile stated).



    So as we did before we should check the other moons of this planet to get more information:


    What we have here? Nix: Godess of night, Styx the river of the underworld, hydra and Cerberus.

    After thinking about it I will tell you what I think will happen: Blackbeard will own Pluton
    Kurohige (Nix), will kill Kaido (Hydra) using the ancient weapon Pluton ( Charon). Blackbeard will appear in Wano and kill the strongest creature with an ancient weapon and get Kaido´s fruit. Hyping up both, kurohige himself and the ancient weapons. If the marines couldn´t kill Kaido even after catching him 16 times, how can he be killed? Only with a power the marines don´t have. Moreover, Blackbeard is interested in the red poneglyhs and stront devil fruits, Wano's arc will have both.

    (there are previous theories relating Kaido to the hydra that defended the golden apples)
    (but it could be that magellan is the Hydra, as he defeated Bllackbeard in impeldown (the underworld).

    Blackbeard could have get this information from one of his new members he got from Impel down, crocodile was there too and he maybhave share this information.

    In addition I think that Pluton will have the cerberus motive (as the sunny has a lion motive)

    But then what about the strawhats?

    To speculate even further we could find out what the word Charon means in greek and decipher something about it. Lets see what the Wikipedia says about it:

    "The etymology of "Charon" is not certain. The ancient historian Diodorus Siculus thought that the ferryman and his name had been imported from Egypt." Its meaning would be "pilot".

    Hmmmm..... So Charon´s origin is in Egypt.... Do we have something similar in One piece?


    Of course we have! Precisely Crocodile thought that Pluton was on Arabasta Kingdom!
    But can we be sure about that? Well remenber how Shirahoshi lived in a palace with a golden dragon on it? Check what we can see in the royall baths of Arabasta:


    What do a pair of golden chinese dragons do in a country based of egypt ? Well, usually chinese dragons are guardians of secret knowledge. Remember that we got similar dragons where Poseidon lives:


    4.Conclusion: The ancient weapons are guarded by chinese dragons statues

    So, I think Blackbeard will go to Arabasta while the reverie takes place and steal pluton. Arabasta is full of underground rivers and lakes so it would be pretty easy to ride it underground. And the country is crossed by a giant river so no matter how big Pluton is there is no problem for it to sail through it.

    But there is a nordic myth of a ship made with advanced technology by underworld elfs. Skidbladnir, the best of ships had the ability to be folded up into one's pocket when not needed Blackbeard could surprise as at any moment.

    This would give Vivi the perfect excuse to aconpany the strawhats and return Pluton to her kingdom.

    @Saffron Kaizoku has a great theory explaining how Pluto is in Arabasta ( Link in the description)

    The Counter-part

    But then what about Franky??? Wasn´t his goal to build Pluton???


    Well, that is not true! His goal is to build the Anti-Pluton !!! Tom gave him the footprints of Pluton to create a counterpart. Franky himself said it in Ennies Lobbie.

    You know, the "U" shape of the thousand sunny always caught my attention. It is very different from other ships.

    The inspiration is obvious to me, a egypcian canopy boat!
    Not sure? What about this colorspread?


    We can see a canopy boat with a straw-hat on the top.

    View attachment 25015

    It looks we are into something here! If Franky wants to build the anti-pluton we just have to find the egyptian counterpart to Charon, the the greek underworld ferryman and his underworld ship.

    In the famous Coffin Texts of Middle Kingdom period, Aker is the "ferryman of Ra in his nocturnal bark". Aker protects the sun god during his nocturnal travelling through the underworld caverns. In other underworld scenes, Aker carries the nocturnal bark of Ra. During the day Ra rides the bark though the sky, as he is the sun-god.
    (charon, acheron, acherusian, aker... the connection is visible).

    So who is aker ??? The egyptian version of Cerberus, the one and only Lion of the underworld. Later on depicted as a sphinx too.

    So a lion that defends the sun god???? Just as the thousand sunny is a lion and a sun??? It fits magically!!! Now lets show more of what I´ve found. Jaguars were the guardians of the mayan underworld's sun too, so maybe Pedro's soul can end up in the Sunny.

    There is a specifical myth that can fit perfectly the story of One piece! The myth were Ra kills the World-serpent with his boat! This picture depicts that myth:

    Do we have a world-serpent in the One piece universe? Yes we do! The red-line. Or as Droggy and Broggy call him: "The serpent soaked in blood"


    And remenber how the coverpage of chapter 610 showed the guardians dragons of arabasta, the ones that protect ancient weapons? That chapter is called " Madam shirley´s prophecy" !!
    The prophecy told that luffy will destroy fishman island, but I think that is a collateral damage of him destroying the red-line using the anti-pluton. So, the anti-pluton (Ra) will destrot the red-line (world serpent) as the egyptian myth tells us.

    But is franky able to build " a ship that travels the sky during the day" ? Naturally he is, did you know Franky´s design is inpired by the astronomer Tycho brae ? Tycho Brahe had a metallic nose, and was the greatest astronomer of his era. Franky's dream is to "build a ship that can travel any sea". Even the space-sea where the space pirates sail! (We have seen spacr pirates in a cover page story)


    But Franky has relation to the god Pluto and charon too. Franky was the face of the underworld in Water seven. And in the Divine Comedy novel the devil has 3 chins. Just as Franky!

    So how could the anti-pluton be like?:

    - The egyptian underworld´s ship carries Ra ( an eagle god)
    - Franky is from U.S.A , his mascot should be an eagle (related to the stars ....and bars)
    -During Ragnarok, Thor slays the world-serpent. When flying home thor takes the form of an eagle.
    - In the series The mysterious cities of gold (the main inspiration for one piece) the protagonist after sailing in a lamb-boat and a lion-ship travel in "the great condor, which looks like an eagle:


    And exactly likes Ra´s boat the great condor travels the sky only during the day because it uses solar energy. Remember how Franky is all about energy resources from drinks? What if he discovers a better energy source? The solar energy!

    please check the videos from @EddWarD.NewGate about this topic, they are a MUST


    Can the Bird-boat on the right of this colorspread be a foreshadowing? It just looks like enels ship, the one he used to get to the moon.

    Conclusion 5. Franky will build the Anti-pluton a flying ship with the eagle theme.


    Well, well, well... here comes the big deal... First of all I have to admit I have no definitive answer for what the ancient weapon Uranus is. I will just follow the previous conclusions and pattern.

    So first of all, which are Uranus´moons?


    Uranus' main moons are Titania and Oberon. Who are they?


    They are the king and the queen of the fairies in the celtic mythology!! ( See how fairies were depicted with bird wings before?)

    Your face right now:

    Okay, Okay... I know... Fairies aren´t like the coolest weapon one can imagine but bear with me. Have we seen Fairies in One piece? Well, kind of...

    Maybe you already know about the theories that say the D. clan is based of the Tuatha Dé clan. The Tuatha Dé ( literally "tribe of gods") are the ancient gods of the Irish-Celtic tradition, as Oberon is the king of fairies for the celts too. The interesting thing is that the Tuatha Dé were given the status of fairies by the church in order to give christianity a mayor relevance. Later the would be called the " Aos Sí" for this reason. By the way, this gods were technologically advanced.


    Maybe you wonder if Oda would really be inspired by the Irish Mythology, here you have an example:


    I can see 6 characters that look like taken from a One Piece pannel. In adittion, irish myths tell about an island that appears and disappears (like Raftel), its name is Hybrazil or just Brazil, precisely the country Luffy is related to. And The Tuatha Dé king was chosen by a talking stone (poneglyph).

    So you should know that fairies are related to the moon (for example fairy type pokemons attack oftem involve the moon). In One Piece the moon is also called "Fairy Vearth" and precisely there are lots of theories stating that the D. clan comes from the moon.


    Some people even call the D. clan "the fourth winged race". And the wings of these races look not only like angels, but as the old depictions of fairies.
    In the norse mythology fairies lived below Ygdrasil, the great tree, so maybe we found a D family there who can explain us more about Uranus

    So for now we have:
    - The king and queen of fairies of the celtic myths are the main moons of Uranus.
    -The D. clan is inspired by the fairy gods of celtic myths.
    - The D. clan comes from "Fairy vearth" (it could mean "veritas earth" = "true earth").And according to Enel, god should live there.
    -At the end of chapter 302 the narrator calls the sky island "Fairy lands"

    Conclusion 5. The D. clan is related to Uranus

    Now lets check the rest of the moons:

    Did you know the moons of Uranus have the names of Shakespeare´s characters?:

    -Oberon and Titania: Whose fights created changes in the weather.
    -Ariel: A spirit who could create lightings with his spells. A Slyph controlling the weather who leads the people to the right way.
    -Umbriel: King of gnomes, evil. Umbra meaning darkness. (Cough , Blackbeard, Cough)
    -Puck: A naughty pixie.
    -Miranda: Who sailed the seas and was protected by the weather magic of her father.

    So we have some mayor themes here: Weather, magic and fairies/spirits/gnomes...

    Conclusion 6. Uranus is related to the weather.

    So I know what you are thinking right know.... and yes... this is another theory that relates Monkey D. Dragon to the ancient weapon Uranus, what a surprise!!! But please, let me continue with the theory. Remenber Sanji´s words after Luffy being saved by the Lightning:

    "Hey! Do you believe in God?".... My Foreshadowing-meter is about to explode!!!!

    The guardian chinese dragons

    As you remenber the previous two ancient weapons were guarded by chinese dragons, so if we are looking for Uranus we should search for them too. Unfortunately we haven´t seen more chinese statues, the only chinese dragons we have seen are the following:

    Dragon´s ship:


    Momo´s fruit:

    The egg on the Oro Jackson:


    I think roger´s egg was a dragon´s egg. Anyway, check how roger´s ship has angel wings, foreshadowing the D. clan´s relation to the winged race. I think what these three have in common is that the three of them are from the D. clan. What, isn´t Momo from the kouzuki Clan? Yes he is, but the kouzuki clan is part of the D.-s or is just another name for the D. clan, or they just were mixed with them. They have the moon cycles in the symbol of their clan too. Or it could be that Momo's Grandma was a D. Now check this image:


    When Giolla painted Momonosuke, she painted him with a peach head (like in the momotaro fairytale), with a crown ( he should be the king), but most importantely....WITH A WING!!!
    Uranus is the god of the sky so it makes perfect sense for the D. clan to be related with dragons and wings.

    So, if these three may be related to the ancient weapon Uranus, do they have anything else in common? They do! My speculation is....

    The Voice Of All Things is the Ancient Weapon Uranus

    Also known as " The voice of all creation" or the Voice of the Universe, when the god Uranus is known as "the creator of the Universe" or " the source of all creation".

    This is how I think the Voice Of All Things works:

    Passive VOAT:

    -1. step: Able to listen to non-human creatures (like luffy)
    -2. step: Able to hear objects like Poneglyphs ( phone means sound, phone =/ pone )
    -3. step: Able to hear the natural elements.

    Active VOAT:

    -4. step: Able to communicate with non-human creatures. (Like Momo)
    -5. step: Able to writte/talk in a language the user doesn´t know. (Like Gold roger in Sky islands)
    -6. step: Able to control the elements by speaking to them. (Like Ace and Dragon)
    Exactly, I think thst the Ds can manipulate the natural enviroment by talking to the nature itself with the Voice of All Things. That´s why it is the VOICE of all things and not the sound or the noise.... And remember that a citizen from Drum Island said that when Ace visited the place surprisingly it did not snow that day? (Although that could be related to Aces fruit).


    So, to me the VOAT is the ability to hear and talk to all the things, even natural elements

    A lot of people think that Dragon is inspired by the native american tribes, so do I. And the Cherokee tribe has a very famous way to control the weather called "rain dance". Which would bring storm by singing and dancing. These tribes thought that their ancestors of the otherworld were the ones bringing the clouds (inherited will?). Usually fairies voice their spells too you can say they "talk to the nature".

    Also, do you remenber how I previously mentioned "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" series? Well, at the end of the series a secret race was revealed. These race was looking for an ancient treasure. They had a special capability: telepathy. They could hear other people´s mind and speak to them without talking.

    See how they look like the automata of the moon?

    Also, god Uranus' spoiled blood created the titans. The titans where deities of nature that fought the greek gods. You could say that Uranus´sons are "God´s natural enemy".
    And Uranus´spoiled blood could symbolize the D´s bloodline.

    Titania (as the moon) is actually the daughter of the god Uranus.
    If the D clan definitely are extraterrestial you could say the are "sons of the sky" therefore sons of Uranus too (The sky god).


    In adittion one of the sky gods of chinese mythology can hear everything.

    I will update this part whenever we get more info about Uranus.

    Luffy and the three ancient weapons

    By the end of the series Luffy will control the three ancient weapons:

    -Poseidon as a friend.
    -Anti-pluton as a posession
    -Uranus as a natural talen t.

    It is said that "he ancient weapons have the power to destroy the world". I believe the correct way to interpret this is the weapons have the power to destroy the world as we know it, or more specifically, to modify the planet and destroy the World Government (Tenryubitos are known as the" creators of this world" as said in Sabaody):

    Based of the "inherited will theory":

    He will use them this way:

    -Poseidon to bring the fishmen to the surface and end with the calm-belt.
    -Anti-pluton to destroy the red-line and unite the four seas in the "All Blue". But specially the reverse mountain. Which "structures" look like a seal.
    -Uranus to read the poneglyphs, reveal the void century and alter the natural enviroment the crazy weather the islands have. So the cherry blossoms can bloom in Drum island and Arabasta becomes more rainy for example.

    Some people believe that there could be something like a world tree in One piece, mythologies are full of talking trees so maybe Luffy could even talk to the eve tree, Adam tree, "Ygdrasil"(Elbaf) to create some change. Probably terraform the planet into its original shape.

    (Thanks to @Phoenix with some Flair for his support and second thoughts for this theory)


    In his theory " Trip to Uranus: The winged race" (click here) @Dave suggest that the could be a fourth secret ancient weapon and that could also fit this theory. This is just pure speculation, but if another ancient weapon were to exist we should follow the outer planets pattern: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus... Saturn.

    And remember how I said Oda may have been inspired by the famous series " Sailoor Moon" where Pluto, Uranus and Neptune were the most powerful fighters and defenders of the solar system? Well, in this series there was another caracter: Sailor Saturn , which ocasionally took part of this team.

    Being Saturn the god of agriculture and his main moon being "Titan", as the deities of nature if another ancient weapon were to exist it would be the Tree of the devil fruits or just its devil fruits themselves. The Aos si tribe (D clan) were very connected to trees.Butat purpose would this weapon have? At the end of the day the World Goverment can own this power and use it to dominate the world. Well, not all powers are about being able to to shoot laser beans or freeze the sea, there is more to it. I talk about that in the last section on my theory about devil fruits.

    Last note

    So, here does the post end, only time will tell if it is correct o not. Actually, I don´t want to know, just as Luffy doesn´t want t know about Raftel and the One Piece until the day comes. While researching the theory something took my attention. I found that Jupiter´s planet are named after Shakespeare´s characters. Furthermore, Cervantes (writer of Don Quijote) has a star with his name. Did you know you can buy minor stars´names and call them like someone you love?

    Do you see where I am heading? Year after year thousands of new stars and planets are discovered. Could it be that some day we see a star named " Oda" ? With surroundings planets "Luffy", "Nami", "Zoro".... Isn´t the bestseller single-author-comic worthy of such a honor? Maybe I am just raving, but you know:
    People's dreams .... Will never end!


    Related Theories & Content:
    Purppose of devil fruits at the end:´-functioning-pure-physics.2187/

    Some Tuatha Dé theories:

    @Ed War's best video relating One Piece to TMCOG:

    @Saffron Kaizoukus great theory on Pluto:

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  1. NamisOrigin
    Excellent theory. Fits Oda's thinking. Would love if this is explained in side manga.
  2. NinjaGamer
    WOAH. This is amaze, the connections that you have found are absolutely groundbreaking.
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I still believe it may happen!
  3. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Finally finished reading(had in mind, as looked through this before for the lion. In my own past theory for animal foreshadowing. I saw Brook animal horse/mixed with a lion.

    and on the ruins in a cover we see brook animal the horse- and the lion on the other mural. (hinting two grandfathers)

    Suggesting both brook/the guy i suspected bobbin as the lion animal. (there even sphynx head lion similar to his mask )

    I don't know much on what pluton/uranus

    But If the leopard and Elephant are him and zou.

    Oda hinting vampire, and there is a report about vampire biting the elephant who went on a rampage(vampire gain control of person they bite and turn) This could just be inspiration clue between bobbin(sora) and the elephant. But if sora wants world peace. and zou miss behaved in the past..maybe it was him?

    I can't really say since i don't know how long he been alive-just inspiration clues i see to zou and this sora guy.

    Zou-pluton (miss behaving)
    Sora--in past looked simple if he did join, oda hints him a giant so possible carries the sunny. ( I honestly don't know if that uranus, it looks more like upgrade)

    Your hydra statement that guards the golden apple (in alabasta it mentions eating a golden apple to live for 1000 years) Sora been hinted to apple symbol clue (apple probably inspiration to the adam and eve story- as he hinted to be super smart.

    and pluton being in alabasta (sora clue shows him in alabasta in the story covers)

    there is one more inspiration- let me know in bt, you might like it. As note you really into history/myth lore! (post getting long)
  4. monkey_d.luffy
    Love this theory very well researched and explained! Would be great if it actually happened!
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I still think it is probable!
  5. beck
    I love it! Well researched and greatly explained...I would love for this to happen and if it's ok, I'll include it on my animated one piece spinoff
    1. CAMUNAI
      Author's Response
      Long time no speak! Im glad you liked the theory and want to include it in your spinoff, just reference the theory. Are you going to publish it on random boredom production?
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