Theory Ancient Kingdom/Joy Boy/ Poneglyphs/Will of "D" - Real Life Inspirations.

Possible inspirations that Oda used when creating the plot for the Void Century.

  1. Ozz Ay
    Hey guys, first time posting a theory here! I've looked around Oro Jackson, a few other forums, reddit, youtube, etc and couldn't find most of the information I'm going to present here, I can say a good chunk of it is going to be "New", Iut i have a few points where i use general conceptions that have been in the One piece community for a long time.

    So buckle up and get ready cuz this one is going to be big.

    1-Oda's themes and inspirations

    In every island, culture, race, arc, etc Oda always gets inspirations based on real-life cultures/history/myths.

    For example, Skypiea Arc; The Winged people are inspired in a few different real-life cultures/events, the obvious ones are Aztecs and the El Dorado, native Americans and the Europeans settlers appropriation of their lands, but there's also a bit of Mysticism, the Sumerian Anunnaki/deities.
    The Shandian Design is a clear reference.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Winged deities that came from the sky to judge the humans, and such.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Everything in one Piece follows a theme;
    (some more examples)
    Water 7 - Venice, Italy
    Thriller Bark- Zombie/Vampire/Ghosts, Transylvania
    Dressrosa- Spanish/Rome/Irish
    Whole cake island- Bakery/Alice wonderland/Broadway
    Arlong Pirates - Gang/Yakuza
    Happo Navy - Chinese fleets/Chinese fighting Style
    Cavendish - Rapier/Noble Clothes - Early modern Europe
    Elbaf Giants - Northman/Vikings
    Wano Country - Samurais/Ninja/Japan

    And so forth.
    BUT in most of the references he never goes full in-depth, he takes little bits and creates his own story on it.
    The Coliseum of Rome for example, the majority of the One piece readers most likely know about its existence, Oda simply used the reference and created his own version, with its own purpose and characters.
    He uses simple and accessible information and builds on it.

    So with all of that in mind, my theory is that the Ancient kingdom just like everything else in One piece has a base theme inspiration. And it is; Ancient Greece.

    2-Ancient Greece inspirations

    That might be quite obvious for some after all the ancient weapons are named after Greek gods, but the fun part is to build on that idea, and try to predict a bit deeper.
    Let's start by listing simple information that the casual One piece reader might have about Ancient Greece;

    1-Greek Mythology/Gods nowadays are depictured in many movies, tv shows, comics, anime, etc. Everyone knows about gods such as; Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Gaia, Cronos, Hermes, Apolo, etc.
    Even if u don't know what every one of those represent, you certainly heard their name before.
    2-Odyssey and Iliad two epic poems that are the central works of ancient Greek literature.
    3-Polis/City-states the very first Citys in humanity, and also known as the foundation of the modern civilization.
    4-Fierce warriors and land of the Heroes certainly u heard about names such as Achilles, Alexander the great, Heracles(Hercules), Ajax, Icarus an many others.

    3-Ancient Weapons

    As i mentioned above, Ancient weapons are named after Greek Gods and like many others theorized before;
    Poseidon - God of the sea, earthquakes, soil, storms, and horses.
    Poseidon is relatable to the sea.

    Poseidon being the god of the sea, can relate to Shiraoshi being able to control the Sea-kings, but there's nothing to point at a mermaid or a power inherited for generations. In fact, Neptune(a romanized name for the god Poseidon) depictures a more relatable design to Poseidon.
    Uranus - Primordial god of the sky.
    Uranus relates to the sky.
    In my humble opinion, it has nothing to do with Enel.

    The one piece world has the craziest weather, my guess is that Uranus has something to do with that.

    Pluto - God of the dead, the underworld, mortality and the afterlife.

    Pluton is relatable with underworld and death.
    What we know for sure about Pluton is that it is a Battleship, and it was built in the ancient water 7.
    official manga panels;

    In a way, we can say that Shiraoshi "reactivated" Poseidon, so Pluton and Uranus can very well be something similar to the power Shiraoshi has. But honestly I'm not going to attempt to decipher the Ancient Weapons purpose or meaning, Oda most likely created his own plot for them, as I said before, he takes inspirations and builds on them, and I believe he is just using the Greek gods as a reference, rather than an in-depth view of the gods mythology.

    Also, Big mom has 2 homies called Zeus(King of the Gods, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice) and Prometheus(A titan that created humans from clay and gave them fire).
    And Nami isn't carrying this dude around;

    4-Joy Boy and the Odyssey

    Joy boy's character, I believe is going to be based on Odysseus(Ulysses, romanized name), the main character from the epic Greek poem, Odyssey by Homer.
    We know very little about Joy Boy;
    official manga panels;
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1-He lived during the Void Century
    2-He was in Fishman island and met the Poseidon of that time
    3-He had a promise with the Fishman island related with the Noah
    4-He sent a Poneglyph as a letter/Apology for breaking the Promise

    (the promise, purpose of Noah etc, doesn't concern my "Inspirations theory", so I won't dwell in that)
    5-He was the Architect of the Blueprints that Franky burned
    And for those that never read Odyssey, a quick summary:

    Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus and his troubled voyage back home, from the 10 years war against Troy. He spends 10 more years on that chaotic voyage, overcomes many dangerous adventures and obstacles, meets the Cyclops/Giants;
    comes across the Goddess witch Circe that turns men into animals(minks, perhaps?);
    hears the enchanted songs of the sirens(mermaids);
    Runs from Giant sea monsters;
    And many other Epic adventures.
    Eventually he reaches home, back to his lover Penelope and son Telemachus.
    Odysseus is also known as a Heroe for many war feats, but mostly for the tactics and stratagems he developed.
    The stratagem he used against Troy, and actually gave him the victory, is also nowadays a well-known virus, that everyone had on his pc at least once!. The Trojan Horse.

    I was able to make a few parallels;
    They are both Adventures/Navigators, brilliant architects, they travel the world and meet different races, both have a promise with a "woman" and u could say that both break it, they also lived in an Ancient period.

    With all of that being said, I don't mean that Oda is going to write a character fully based on Odysseus, in fact, his design and such is going to be based on something else most likely, but I believe that in a way, yes Oda might have been inspired by Odyssey.

    And obviously, the different races in One Piece aren't at all depictured the same way they are in Odyssey, the Giants aren't going around with only one eye eating people, the mermaids don't attract sailors with their melody, just to feast on them. And even the Sea-kings in One piece are much more friendly than any other description, in any story.

    5-Ancient Kingdom Architecture and Design

    I might have everything else wrong on my theory, but this one I'm pretty sure I got it right on the bullseye.
    from the official one piece coloured manga;

    I believe the design is inspired on Greek Polis;

    I honestly don't know how I've never seen a single theory mention this, lol


    The most known reference of the poneglyphs is the Rosetta stone;
    A granodiorite slate depicturing Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and Ancient Greek text.
    If u have been reading one piece for a while, u probably came across that reference, what surprises me is that I couldn't find anyone that deconstructed the words "PONE GLYPH" which is rather simple.

    "GLYPH", from the Greek "γλυφή" (glúphe, “carved work”) and
    "PONE" from the Greek "φωνή" (phōne, “to speak, tell”).

    Obviously it is a made-up word from Oda, but is rather simple what he meant with them;
    "The carved stones to tell the story"
    (or something similar, doesn't really matter. They are both Greek words.)

    7-The will of "D"

    As I mentioned on my list of facts about Ancient Greece, there's plenty of stories, poems and epic poems featuring the Heroes of that epoch.
    But I want to speak about a state that even though they were in such a glorious period, they managed to stand out as the fiercest militia in all Greece, of course, I'm talking about the Spartans.

    My theory is that Oda used the Spartans as an inspiration for the people with the letter "D" in their name. (call them family, clan, gang, army... whatever u like).

    Here's a simple description of Spartans;
    "The Spartan army stood at the center of the Spartan state, whose citizens trained in the disciplines and honour of a warrior society. Subject to military drill from early manhood
    official one piece translation;

    the Spartans became one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world.
    It was commonly accepted that one Spartan was worth several men of any other state."It was the common perception at the time that Spartans would never lay down their weapons for any reason, be it hunger, or danger."

    We could honestly make a lot of parallels with the real-life Spartans and the characters in One Piece that portray the letter "D", but if we are being fair, real-life pirates aren't really being well represented in One Piece, after all it is a Shounen.

    Therefore I'm going to use a more romanticized/popular look at the Spartans, which as I said before, makes it more accessible for the readers.

    In many movies, TV-shows, vídeo games, comics, etc. Spartans are always portrayed as;
    Strong/Fierce warriors that never turn their back or flee an enemy, they face death head-on without fear, they fight for honour, glory and freedom.

    And finally here's what actually inspired me to do this whole theory;
    Obviously, a game released in 2018 wasn't the reference for a story being told since 1997!
    But the romanticized description of Spartans portrayed in the game is also used in many other stories. And that popular conception of Spartans, I do firmly believe is what inspired Oda!

    8-Letter "D" real name

    To finish this long ass post, I obviously have to attempt at the cliche theory and try to give the "D" it's real name.
    The name I'm going to present isn't something new if u have read a few theories about the subject, but is certainly a different and original way of reaching that conclusion.

    In my search for all the information above I came across an interesting fact, Spartans didn't call themselves Spartans(did u know that?)

    They called themselves "The man of Laconia"-Lacedaemons, from Laconia.

    And this may sound extremely corny, but try to read it with a Japanse accent, knowing that the Japanese can't pronounce L properly, which we already know(

    Lace/Race Daemons... Race of Demons

    Monkey Daemon Luffy

    And that's it, I'm done!

    I hope u enjoyed and even if I didn't convince u about everything(because honestly not even I am) I hope at least u learned something new.
    Looking forward to all your extremely intellectual, smart and respectful comments!

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  1. DanteCazador
    Good theory all round would say that the Odyssey could be an influence for the whole adventure of luffy, to sail the world and become the pirate kin. maybe joy boy was the first to do this. the original PK.
  2. Guan_Yu
    I'll just giving a side note: Alexander the Great is a Macedonian not a Greece
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  3. RandaAlzifahri
    Wow. What a brilliant theory. Everything is make sense. I really love this theory
    1. Ozz Ay
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, I appreciate that! I'm glad u enjoyed it :)
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