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  1. Theory Sanji's Hidden "Cosmic" Power
    An old SBS may hold a clue to Sanji's true power. - by Theo Ries
    Updated: Oct 10, 2016
  2. Theory Chopper's Dream
    Chopper's Road to becoming Panacea - by Dave
    Updated: Aug 19, 2016
  3. Theory Luffy's Awakening 3 :Haoshoku Haki
    The return of True King : Applications of Conquer's Haki - by Dave
    Updated: Mar 7, 2017
  4. Theory Elbaf is under the protection of Shanks
    Several points that make me think that Shanks is the Yonkou who owns Elbaf's island. - by Zero Zero No Mi
    Updated: Aug 21, 2016
  5. Theory The first "Pirate King"
    a man that inspired many - by MasterD
    Updated: Feb 1, 2017

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  1. Theory Sanji's Hidden "Cosmic" Power

    An old SBS may hold a clue to Sanji's true power.
  2. Theory Kaido's ultimate weakness; Luffy's final gear 4 mode

    Luffy must bypass Kaido's body to defeat him, but how?
  3. Theory The Extraterrestrial Origins Of The Ancient Kingdom & Celestial Dragons Revealed (Part 1)

    I believe that the Ancient Kingdom & 20 Kings both originated from the moon, "Fairy Vearth". Part 1.
  4. Speculation Nami NEEDS Monet's Devil Fruit!!! Explaining the possibilities.

    An exploration of the way Nami could utilize the Yuki Yuki no mi if she did get it.
  5. Theory Dragon, His fruit is...?

    What the evidence says concerning Dragon's fruit type
  6. Theory Elbaf is under the protection of Shanks

    Several points that make me think that Shanks is the Yonkou who owns Elbaf's island.
  1. pekt0

    Theory Usopp, Lies, and Observation Haki

    why usopp will be the master user of Observation Haki(Coo)
    0/5, 0 ratings
  2. godenel
    5/5, 1 rating
  3. Sodrin
    0/5, 0 ratings
  4. FireFistSabo_Teories
    4/5, 1 rating
  5. Cockycent
    1/5, 1 rating
  6. Cockycent
    0/5, 0 ratings
  7. Mr D G
    5/5, 2 ratings
  8. law is a cool character

    Theory Future Importance of the 6 Emperors of the Underworld

    Theory on whose side, if any, the Emperors of the Underworld will take in the wedding brawl
    4.33333/5, 3 ratings
  9. Legendary Po

    Theory Paramecia Awakening!! - Luffy's final Awakening..!!

    As we thought paramecia DF awakening won't change the surroundings into DF object.!!
    4.2/5, 5 ratings
  10. Able Lightning

    Theory Gear 5th in Wano Kuni

    Just a theory about why I believe Gear 5th WILL! come in Wano Kuni
    4.5/5, 2 ratings
  11. jinz

    Theory Charlotte Katakuri's Devil Fruit

    Charlotte Katakuri's inspiration and identifying his possible ability
    4.625/5, 16 ratings
  12. SmuKeyFly

    Theory Buggy Awakening= Yonko / Shiki level

    Buggy Awakening WILL make him Yonko level. Roger had no weak ppl. Shanks knw Buggy's potential
    0/5, 0 ratings
  13. SmuKeyFly

    Theory Devil Fruit Awakening fully explained

    zoan awakening, logia awakening and paramecia awakening. Conquerer's Haki
    3/5, 1 rating
  14. giveordestroy

    Speculation mugiwara's elements

    a little analisys for elemental attack of mugiwara
    0/5, 0 ratings
  15. PaperFlower
    3.66667/5, 3 ratings
  16. Fx Jolly Roger

    Speculation Forms of Haki in the future

    Talking about the possibilities of Haki that could be reached in the future.
    0/5, 0 ratings
  17. Joseph Pascal NOMO SAMBOU
    5/5, 3 ratings
  18. Phoenix with some Flair

    Theory Buggy For Yonko Theory

    Buggy may become a Yonko based off of trends shown in the series.
    4.33333/5, 3 ratings
  19. 4xdblack

    Theory How is The Voice of All Things Connected to Observation Haki? 860+

    We're slowly learning more about this mysterious power, but could there be more to it than we know?
    4/5, 1 rating
  20. Moey Krimz

    Theory Elite vice admirals

    A unique system consisting of the 8 most powerful Vice Admirals
    5/5, 8 ratings
  21. krispeae
    1/5, 1 rating
  22. dirtyLarry
    4.66667/5, 6 ratings
  23. AdrianoC
    4/5, 2 ratings
  24. vikas

    Speculation The Tea Party Escape and third eyes help

    since it is highly unlikely that plan will succeed. And Puddings powers.
    5/5, 2 ratings
  25. Kinryuu Ruka
    3/5, 2 ratings
  26. Oakley

    Theory Science behind Devil Fruits & Artificial DFs

    Inspired by one recent video/theory, I present some thoughts about DFs in the eyes of biologist
    5/5, 1 rating
  27. Joseph Pascal NOMO SAMBOU
    0/5, 0 ratings
  28. Awaken Fruit
    3.77778/5, 9 ratings
  29. Ryujin sama
    5/5, 1 rating
  30. Sontaran Gaming

    Speculation Predictions for The Near Future

    Some ideas for what will happen during and after Whole Cake Island arc.
    0/5, 0 ratings
  31. OP Matty B

    Theory Blackbeard didnt eat the Yami Yami or the Gura Gura!

    Blackbeard is hunting devil fruit users and trapping their abilities in objects
    3.77778/5, 9 ratings
  32. NakedPanda
    4.5/5, 4 ratings
  33. Midori_no_GODKING_Sama
    3/5, 4 ratings
  34. Blackschrotum
    0/5, 0 ratings
  35. Monkey business
    0/5, 0 ratings
  36. Fake Mingo
    5/5, 3 ratings
  37. jinz

    Theory The Truth about Big Mom's Giant Body

    Explaining Big Mom's giant body and its connection to her weird voice
    4.91667/5, 12 ratings
  38. Ruffy

    Theory Caesar, Sora's drug and Judge

    Caesar made the drug for sora to destroy judges work, thats why he doesnt want to hear his real name
    4/5, 1 rating
  39. KaiduD
    0/5, 0 ratings
  40. NakedPanda
    4.5/5, 2 ratings