Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Nov 4, 2018

    Mustache Petes (The Elder Mafiosi)

    You mess with them and three generations of your family would be dead. They have played at least 5 "traditional" games to earn this.
    Reason: Legend says this infamous mafia member played 5 rounds of Traditional Mafia!

  2. Awarded: Feb 4, 2018

    Cosa Nostra (This Thing Of Ours)

    The strong rule over the weak in our world, and those who earn this have recruited young blood (new players) into our family.
    Reason: Has recruited loads of fresh blood to our little syndicate.

  3. Awarded: Sep 25, 2017

    Young Turks (The Younger Mafiosi)

    They may be new, but they won't think twice before stabbing you in the throat. These guys have played at least 5 "regular" games to earn this.
    Reason: Zemmi, Semmi, Semla? I don't know...but what I do know is she's scary-this medal is proof of it!

  4. Awarded: Aug 10, 2017

    Pirate King

    Awarded to those individuals who have contributed substantially and have helped Oro Jackson become what it is today.
    Reason: Has been a patron supporting Oro Jackson for over a year, we thank her from the bottom of our hearts as without her support we wouldn't be able to do what we do today.

  5. Awarded: Jun 9, 2017


    For the ones who train the best, awarded to those who are Mafia Coaches.
    Reason: For becoming an approved Town of Salem coach!

  6. Awarded: May 5, 2017

    Vow of Omertá

    They are filled with blood-lust, and know no fears. The ones awarded this have played at least 10 Mafia games.
    Reason: She's gonna ice you!

  7. Awarded: Jan 14, 2017

    The Witching Hour

    It's serious business when you are in this town. These guys have played at least 5 "Town Of Salem" games to earn this.
    Reason: Tarnation! She's played 5 Town of Salem games!

  8. Awarded: Jan 6, 2017

    Surgeon Of Likes

    Those who are awarded this medal are often seen bringing a smile on many faces, and are known to be humble and spread joy around. This medal is not awarded purely based on likes, but the amount of joy and feel good factor a member brings along with them.
    Reason: For spreading positivity and joy with her presence on OJ!

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