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    Mar 2, 1996 (Age: 23)
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    hows it going bros, my names TD and today we're gonna speedrun me fucking up my entire life.

    also I like one piece.



    Name: Dass
    Affiliation: Revolutionary
    Race: Bat Mink
    Devil Fruit: None
    Gender: Female
    Epithet: Blood Sucker
    Occupation: Scout, Member of Group A
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: October 31
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 95 lb
    Laugh Style: Key-key-key
    Debut: Sabaody Archipelago

    Style/Technique Names

    Physical Description:
    Dass is a lanky young bat mink of below average weight, gifted with an almost puppy dog face and the kind of squinted eyes the would make grown men cry. Covered head to toe in what can only be described as brown fluff rather than fur. In addition to her childish figure is her equally childish haircut, honey-colored twin braids that she wears over her shoulders. Needless to say, she is adorable. But of course, her most notable feature is her wings. Two leathery membranes that stretch from her elongated fingers to her thighs. Due to the nature of her wings, her options in fashion are limited at best. Because of this, she is usually seen wearing dark-colored ponchos paired with specially made skirts of varying lengths. That plus her signature bowler hat and striped stockings make her an easily spottable figure.

    She has a dreamy, near otherworldly, way of carrying herself. Almost always lost in thought and staring off into space it's easy for other people to consider her an airhead. Her quiet disposition certainly doesn't help this stereotype. Which isn't necessarily wrong, merely an understatement. Dass's thoughts run wild 24/7 and she has no control over them. Her mind simply doesn't know how to shut off and thus distracts her from the reality around her. However, this does mean that she's naive. Dass has seen the worst of the world first hand and still managed to come out with a positive mindset. Whether this is a flaw or not is still up in the air.

    Theme Song:
    Like many other members of the Revolutionary Army, Dass is a former slave. She was born as property owned by a successful slave trader in the Sabaody Archipelago. Rather than being auctioned off this slave owner decided to keep her as his own personal pet. Dass was raised solely by this one man and in turn, got to see the worst of these human shops as just a growing babe. Her master's hands would be strict on her fur, petting her roughly when she tried to speak or stand on two legs but... the ways he treated these other slaves. None were in his custody for long before being auctioned so he spared no expense to any of them. While physical damage lowered their base price, which was unacceptable, starvation and dehydration were encouraged. The weaker they were, the less they'd fight back after all. For so many years Dass didn't even see these acts as unsavory, it was just what her family did. Not that her master would ever let her refer to him as a family.

    But the longer she watched these slaves wither away emotionally as the hour of sales grew closer, she became familiar with the feeling of guilt. She knew where the keys were, she knew what times Master was busy, but she didn't know why she couldn't help them. Just the thought of master being angry at her was enough to stop her in her tracks. Dass didn't want to disappoint her only family, but she also couldn't bear to see these poor people suffer. Not that she knew where they all went after being sold. What finally prompted her to escape was a simple conversation she overheard her master having. It was over a fancy dinner, with her sitting at her master's heels and being pet by an ugly looking child that couldn't be that much older than her. This child wasn't treated like she was by his master, he didn't have to wear a collar and could walk around freely. He even got to eat at the table! Dass was confused at why they were treated so differently, was it because she had fur and this child didn't? As her master spoke with the boy's master(father? what's a father?) he mentioned how big Dass was getting. And how unsightly a twig like her was becoming, how he wanted her to stay small and cute forever. The boy's father(?) spoke with a laugh when he said 'You could always just bag yourself a new one then.' and master actually considered the offer.

    It was after that Dass stopped being fed, the Master said that if she kept getting any larger he'd have to find himself a new lapdog. But no matter how little she ate or how much she prayed to whatever deities could be out there, she just kept growing out into awkward angles that were unsuited to her Master's tastes. Worst than that the growth spurts combined with a diet of scraps left her malnourished and unhealthy. And most importantly, ugly in her Master's eyes. Knowing her time was limited Dass stole the keys meant for the slave collars and planned on freeing herself and everyone else in the building. But she was found out before she could free even one other slave. Dass managed to escape but found herself on the brink of death in an unfamiliar world. It was only through luck that she found herself in the hands of the Revolutionary Army, where after healing she joined putting her echolocation to good use as a scouting officer.

    Flowing Knives Style:
    Flowing Knives Style is a series of techniques Dass came up with on her own and can only be used by bat minks or anyone else with similarly styled wings. Equipped along the lining of her wings are a series of barbs and knives that can use to slash at her enemies. On each wing are nine small blades, totaling at eighteen altogether. The largest blades being positioned at her elbows. This style is particularly useful for damaging crowds as while she has to get in close due to the small nature of the knives, her six and a half foot wingspan gives her horizontal reach.

    Name: Bōseki ha "Spinning Blades"
    DPR: C
    Requirements: 21 Mastery, 11 Strength, 21 Movement
    Description: Tucking her wings inwards with elbows jutting out, Dass launches herself in a close circle around the length of her enemy. Slashing them with the longer elbow blades from all angles.

    Name: Shāpuna kawanotate "Sharp Leather Shield"
    DPR: C
    Requirements: 21 Mastery, 21 Strength
    Description: Curling her wings around herself with blades pointed outwards, she surrounds her front side with a wall of knives. Blocking and damaging anyone who comes at her.

    Name: Furamingosutoraiki "Flamingo Strike"
    DPR: C
    Requirements: 31 Mastery, 21 Strength
    Description: Lifting herself onto one leg she spins with wings outstretched, attacking those in a complete radius

    Name: Kurokodairusunappu "Crocodile Snap"
    DPR: C
    Requirements: 21 Mastery, 11 Strength, 21 Reaction
    Description: Directed towards an incoming projectile, Dass positions her wings like a crocodile's maw and snaps down.

    Name: Kakkū tsubasa (Gliding Wings)
    DPR: -
    Requirements: 31 Mastery, 11 Strength, 31 Movement
    Description: Unlocks the ability to glide both in and out of combat.

    Name: Kiken'na tsubasa (Dangerous Wings)
    DPR: B
    Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement
    Description: A gliding attack where Dass swoops down on an enemy and digs her elbow blades into them.

    Level 10 (Fruit Bat Mink: +4 Speed +4 Vitality +1 Flowing Knives)
    10x5= 50
    Strength: 12
    Speed: 21 (17 +4)
    -Reaction: 21
    -Movement: 21
    Vitality: 13 (9 +4)
    -Durability: 13
    -Stamina: 13
    Mind: 2.5
    -Beast Mastery: 5
    Martial Arts: 10.5 (9.5+1)
    -Flowing Knives: 21
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