Trophies Awarded to robin swan

    Community Trophies > Social

  1. Another Year... Another Birthday!
    Awarded: Aug 30, 2018

    Another Year... Another Birthday!

    Points: 750

    You've celebrated another birthday with us, eh? We are really glad to have you onboard! We award you 750 points - Oro Jackson Staff

    To earn this trophy, log-in at least ONCE and make at least ONE POST on your Birthday after completing 730 days on Oro Jackson (Must have been registered for more than 2 years).

  2. Wealth! Fame! Power!
    Awarded: Aug 30, 2016

    Wealth! Fame! Power!

    Points: 500

    My wealth and treasures? I will let you have it because its your special day! I left all of it at *that* place ! TAKE 500 POINTS and go look for it! - Gol D Roger

    To earn this trophy you must log-in to Oro Jackson at least ONCE and make at least ONE POST on your Birthday.

  3. Community Trophies > Time We've Spent Together

  4. 3 Long Years!
    Awarded: Apr 28, 2019

    3 Long Years!

    Points: 750

    You've been sailing with us for 3 years now, right? Thus I, the great God Usopp award you 750 points! - Usopp

  5. 3D2Y
    Awarded: Apr 28, 2018


    Points: 500

    It's been 2 years... you are truly a loyal nakama. We Go To The New World!

  6. We've Been Sailing Together For A Year!
    Awarded: Apr 28, 2017

    We've Been Sailing Together For A Year!

    Points: 150

    Yohohoho! You have been sailing with us for a year now, I'll perform a special song just for you! But before that, I award you 150 points! - Brook

  7. 4 Weeks On My Ship!
    Awarded: May 26, 2016

    4 Weeks On My Ship!

    Points: 30

    Haha! You have spent 4 weeks on the ship I built! Here, take 30 points. - Shipwright Tom

  8. Community Trophies > Post Related Trophies

  9. It Isn't Personal, It's Just Business
    Awarded: Feb 22, 2019

    It Isn't Personal, It's Just Business

    Points: 500

    It isn't personal, me taking over Vivi's country was just business. Don't get in my way kid! Here, take 500 points for getting 2500 posts and scram! - Mr. Crocodile

  10. This Is Art!
    Awarded: Apr 21, 2018

    This Is Art!

    Points: 500

    Hahaha, the look on your face is just fabulous for my fantastic art. Take these 500 points for posting 2000 posts and get ready to become eternal pieces of art! - Mr. 3

  11. Ma-Ma-Ma-Maaaa!
    Awarded: Jul 23, 2017


    Points: 500

    Uhm, 1500 Posts? Ma-Ma-Ma... here, take 500 points! - Igaram

  12. You Cannot Escape, Pirate Scum!
    Awarded: Apr 24, 2017

    You Cannot Escape, Pirate Scum!

    Points: 500

    1000 Posts? You think you are ready to take on the Grand Line? If you get away from me, only then it'll be possible for you to enter Grand Line you pirate scum, but before we get down to business... here take 500 Points. - Smoker

  13. Don't, Or Someone Will Die.
    Awarded: Mar 22, 2017

    Don't, Or Someone Will Die.

    Points: 450

    So, you have posted 900 messages eh... impressive. Don't stop... or someone will die. Whom you ask? Me of course... I award you 450 points. - Crocus

  14. Once A Marine, Always A Marine!
    Awarded: Feb 19, 2017

    Once A Marine, Always A Marine!

    Points: 400

    I hope you walk on the right path, or else you will have to face me! I award you 400 points for reaching 800 posts.. - Bellemère

  15. Was It Too Spicy?
    Awarded: Jan 12, 2017

    Was It Too Spicy?

    Points: 350

    So you have posted 700 messages, was the route up until here too spicy? Get ready, it's gonna get tougher from here on! Unless you are a lady, then you have me~~~ I award you 350 points - Sanji

  16. Stay Away From Arlong!
    Awarded: Dec 22, 2016

    Stay Away From Arlong!

    Points: 300

    Don't go meddling around with other's business, you have no idea what Nami has gone through! Here, take these 300 points for 600 posts, and don't interfere! - Nojiko

  17. Human... You Make Me Sick...
    Awarded: Dec 2, 2016

    Human... You Make Me Sick...

    Points: 250

    You human make me sick, want to know whats the difference between us? I guess it isn't even worth explaining you, take your 250 points for 500 posts and get away from me if you want to live. - Arlong

  18. What Is Your Name?
    Awarded: Nov 8, 2016

    What Is Your Name?

    Points: 200

    I hear you have posted 400 messages... impressive. What is your name? I shall remember it and we'll meet again! For now I award you 200 points - Hawkeye Mihawk

  19. Damnit! I'm Not Gonna Be Left Behind...
    Awarded: Oct 7, 2016

    Damnit! I'm Not Gonna Be Left Behind...

    Points: 150

    That Coby, he's training so hard... I'm not gonna be left behind! Here, I award you 150 points for 300 posts. - Helmeppo

  20. A Brave Marine!
    Awarded: Jul 27, 2016

    A Brave Marine!

    Points: 100

    So, you have reached 200 posts? Congratulations! I will award you 100 points, now come train with me and let's become brave and great Marines! - Coby

  21. I'm Gonna Become The Greatest Swordsman!
    Awarded: May 20, 2016

    I'm Gonna Become The Greatest Swordsman!

    Points: 50

    Eh, I heard you reached 100 posts? What is your goal? I'm gonna become the greatest swordsman in the world! If you stand in my path, I shall cut you down! But for now, I award you 50 points. - Roronoa Zoro

  22. My Evil Scheme
    Awarded: May 6, 2016

    My Evil Scheme

    Points: 15

    I'm planning of killing Kaya and taking over the village! Take these 15 points for getting 20 posts... and come try to stop me! - Captain Kuro

  23. You've Set Out On Your Journey?
    Awarded: Apr 28, 2016

    You've Set Out On Your Journey?

    Points: 5

    So, you have set out on your journey to become the Pirate King? Then you'll need this hat! I award you 5 points for your first 5 posts, go ahead in your journey! - Shanks

  24. Community Trophies > Likes Related Trophies

  25. Will You Still Be My Friend?
    Awarded: Aug 22, 2018

    Will You Still Be My Friend?

    Points: 350

    You have reached 2000 likes, you are gaining fame and going ahead in your journey, I award you 350 points! But I have a question to ask, will we still be friends!? - Nefertari Vivi


  26. When Does A Man Die?
    Awarded: Apr 25, 2018

    When Does A Man Die?

    Points: 350

    It seems you have received 1500 likes, let me ask you a question. When does a man die? He dies when he is forgotten! And with 1500 likes, you will never be forgotten! Here, take 350 points! - Dr. Hiluluk


  27. So Smooth~
    Awarded: Jul 11, 2017

    So Smooth~

    Points: 350

    It has come to my attention that you have received 1000 likes? I award you 350 points my lovely! - Lady Alivda

  28. Aniki!
    Awarded: Jun 5, 2017


    Points: 350

    You reached 900 likes... that is impressive aniki! I award you... 350 Points! - Yosaku

  29. 1 - 2 - JANGO!
    Awarded: May 13, 2017

    1 - 2 - JANGO!

    Points: 350

    Yooo, it has come to my attention that you have received 800 likes? I award you 350 points, now... 1 - 2 - JANGO! Give me back those 350 points! - Jango

  30. Tell Me All About Your Adventure!
    Awarded: Mar 25, 2017

    Tell Me All About Your Adventure!

    Points: 350

    You have received 700 likes! I want to hear it~ All about your adventure! I hope it is as cool as Usopp-San's stories! Here, I award you 350 Points! - Kaya

  31. Keep Her Smiling!
    Awarded: Jan 23, 2017

    Keep Her Smiling!

    Points: 300

    You promise to keep Nami smiling right? Fine then, take 300 points for receiving 600 likes! - Gen San

  32. I Like Money And Oranges!
    Awarded: Dec 16, 2016

    I Like Money And Oranges!

    Points: 250

    I heard you reached 500 likes? Congratulations~ I award you 250 points... now come here a minute, and give me triple the amount in BELI! - Nami

  33. Nuuuu~
    Awarded: Nov 3, 2016


    Points: 200

    I'll take you to Fishman Island once you reach the red line! But for now, I will award you 200 points for 400 likes~ Hatchan

  34. Your Cooking Sucks!
    Awarded: Oct 7, 2016

    Your Cooking Sucks!

    Points: 150

    Your cooking sucks... but your posts don't seem to suck! You have received 300 likes, here, I award you 150 points! - Patty

  35. You Shitty Brat!
    Awarded: Aug 22, 2016

    You Shitty Brat!

    Points: 100

    Eh, what's this I hear, 200 likes? But you still haven't seen the world you shitty brat! Take these 100 points and off to work, you'll be here in Baratie for a year! - Chef Zeff

  36. Stand Up Against Me!
    Awarded: May 17, 2016

    Stand Up Against Me!

    Points: 50

    I am the greatest, the one and only, Don Krieg! You dare stand up against me? Die! Oh, before that, take these 50 points for getting something like 100 likes. Now, DIE! - Don Krieg

  37. Usopp Pirates Unite!
    Awarded: May 6, 2016

    Usopp Pirates Unite!

    Points: 15

    Just like how we are friends, you are gathering friends! We heard you got 20 likes? That's great! We award you 15 points! - Usopp Pirates

  38. Someone Likes You?
    Awarded: Apr 28, 2016

    Someone Likes You?

    Points: 5

    I flashily heard that you flashily received 5 flashy likes, but me the great Buggy-Sama has 10,000 followers! Here, take 5 points and flashily DIE! - Buggy The Clown

  39. Community Trophies > Post To Like Ratio

  40. Shall We Learn History Together?
    Awarded: May 8, 2016

    Shall We Learn History Together?

    Points: 150

    Fufufu, I heard you have a post to like ratio of 1? You are on the right track! lets learn history together! But before we begin, I'll award you 150 points! - Nico Robin
    This trophy can only be earned if you have posted 10+ messages.

  41. Community Trophies > Rank Based Trophies

  42. It Makes Things Easier...
    Awarded: Feb 22, 2019

    It Makes Things Easier...

    Points: 300

    So you are a Supernova now? Makes things easier, if I take you down the World Government won't be happy with me! But before that, I award you 300 points - X. Drake

  43. I've Been Waiting To Meet You
    Awarded: Apr 25, 2018

    I've Been Waiting To Meet You

    Points: 300

    Vice Admiral, I've been waiting to meet you. But before we get to business, I award you 300 Points! - Silvers Rayleigh

  44. I Need More Pizza!
    Awarded: Jun 5, 2017

    I Need More Pizza!

    Points: 300

    Oi you CP-9 bastard, bring me more pizza! I'll award you 300 points if you do so! - Jewelry Bonney

  45. I've Read About You
    Awarded: Mar 22, 2017

    I've Read About You

    Points: 300

    I've read about you on the newspapers, you are a Rear Admiral now huh? I award you 300 points - Shakki

  46. Commander-Chin!
    Awarded: Feb 19, 2017


    Points: 240

    You are now a Commander! I shall call you Commander-Chin! Here, take 240 points~ Keimi

  47. Lt. Commander!?
    Awarded: Dec 22, 2016

    Lt. Commander!?

    Points: 240

    Whaat is a Lt. Commander raaank? Whatever it is... I award you 240 Points! - Oars

  48. I Wish I Met You In My Prime...
    Awarded: Dec 2, 2016

    I Wish I Met You In My Prime...

    Points: 240

    So, you are now a Lieutenant. I wish I had met you in my prime, we'd have a great battle! For now, I award you 240 points. - Ryuuma

  49. Horohorohoro~
    Awarded: Aug 30, 2016


    Points: 160

    Why is it so surprising to see me positive EH!? Do you want me to turn you negative? Then stay quiet!!! I award you 160 points for reaching the Chief Officer rank. - Perona

  50. YooooiYoooi~
    Awarded: Aug 22, 2016


    Points: 80

    Yooooi-- It has comeeee to my attentionnnn that youuu have reached the rank of an Crewmate? I award youuuu 80 points! - Kumadori

  51. Arararara!
    Awarded: May 8, 2016


    Points: 30

    You are going ahead... you scare me! Here, I award you 30 points for reaching Apprentice Rank. - Kuzan

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