Trophies Awarded to Onpu

    Community Trophies > Time We've Spent Together

  1. We've Been Sailing Together For A Year!
    Awarded: May 5, 2019

    We've Been Sailing Together For A Year!

    Points: 150

    Yohohoho! You have been sailing with us for a year now, I'll perform a special song just for you! But before that, I award you 150 points! - Brook

  2. 4 Weeks On My Ship!
    Awarded: May 26, 2018

    4 Weeks On My Ship!

    Points: 30

    Haha! You have spent 4 weeks on the ship I built! Here, take 30 points. - Shipwright Tom

  3. Community Trophies > Post Related Trophies

  4. You've Set Out On Your Journey?
    Awarded: Apr 20, 2018

    You've Set Out On Your Journey?

    Points: 5

    So, you have set out on your journey to become the Pirate King? Then you'll need this hat! I award you 5 points for your first 5 posts, go ahead in your journey! - Shanks

  5. Community Trophies > Likes Related Trophies

  6. Usopp Pirates Unite!
    Awarded: Apr 24, 2018

    Usopp Pirates Unite!

    Points: 15

    Just like how we are friends, you are gathering friends! We heard you got 20 likes? That's great! We award you 15 points! - Usopp Pirates

  7. Someone Likes You?
    Awarded: Apr 19, 2018

    Someone Likes You?

    Points: 5

    I flashily heard that you flashily received 5 flashy likes, but me the great Buggy-Sama has 10,000 followers! Here, take 5 points and flashily DIE! - Buggy The Clown

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  9. Arararara!
    Awarded: May 22, 2019


    Points: 30

    You are going ahead... you scare me! Here, I award you 30 points for reaching Apprentice Rank. - Kuzan

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