Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Feb 16, 2016

    Surgeon Of Likes

    Those who are awarded this medal are often seen bringing a smile on many faces, and are known to be humble and spread joy around. This medal is not awarded purely based on likes, but the amount of joy and feel good factor a member brings along with them.
    Reason: Crazy cat lady on the prowl, liking content and all. Yep, believe it or not! Oh, also SPREADING HAPPINESS WITH CAPS ON.

  2. Awarded: Feb 16, 2016

    The Lighthouse

    Awarded to those who are welcoming, caring, helpful, positive and always ready to guide anyone in need of assistance.
    Reason: For providing support to various members on Oro Jackson, assisting members as a part of Team Oro Jackson and for being the light that guides those seeking help.

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