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Dec 15, 1987 (Age: 31)
Ankle Biter

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    Dec 15, 1987 (Age: 31)
    Ankle Biter


    Name: Fenrir von Wolfgang
    Epithet: The Seawolf
    Affiliation: Marine 159th
    Rank: Ensign
    Occupation: Ship's Hound (Throat Grabber/Mascot)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sentient Beast (Wolf)
    Age: 21 (3 in dog years)
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 4'5 to the shoulder
    Weight: 459 lbs

    An imposing animal, this wolf stands tall enough at the shoulders to look into the eyes of most men, giving them a piercing animal stare that doesn't falter or look away. The movement of such golden eyes gives away a hint of higher intelligence. Fur as white as snow, except around the nose, eyes and at the tip of the tail where it is raven black. For such a large animal he moves quite gracefully, seemingly weightless on his paws.

    Regal enough for the most sacred guard duty, but still a young animal at heart, fiercely loyal to his Marine brothers and sisters. He's as staunch a defender of friends and relentless an attacker of enemies as any wild animal. Though sometimes he has an ornery streak a nautical mile wide.

    Literally raised by wolves to be a wolf, but realized young in life that he was different from all the other wolves, smarter, stronger, faster. As young strong males do, he ventured out on his own, ranging the lands, scrounging for food. Eventually misfortune befell the young white wolf and a landslide nearly killed him.

    This was the end of the wolfs old life and the beginning of his new life as Marines from a nearby base cleared the road that the landslide had fallen from, found the wolf and one of them took pity on the poor injured animal, dragging him back to the barracks and nursing the animal back to health and naming him Fenrir because of the animals hearty appetite. Life was good for a rejuvenated Fenrir, stronger now than ever before, generally kept around as a guard dog for the barracks and a morale pet, fed table scraps and allowed to roam the base as he saw fit, detecting a few would be saboteurs, and escaping pirates. That was before a careless Marine dropped a lit cigarette in the barracks causing a near instant inferno. Fenrir smelling the smoke raised the alarm, and as the effort to put out the fire went on Fenrir was seen dragging unconscious Marines from the barracks. The fire was put out in a timely fashion and no lives were lost. The actions of the "Seawolf" were not unknown to the high brass of the base, and thy soon awarded Fenrir with an honorary rank of Ensign.

    Another page was turned in Fenrir's life when pirates attacked the little base that had been his home since his rescue by the Marine, the fighting was fierce and though the base was mostly razed the pirates were all killed, but among the casualties was the Marine that took Fenrir in. Impressed by his prowess and ferocity the Captain of the docked Ship the pirates had been after, a lieutenant with long blonde hair took him in, and he has remained part of her crew since.

    Razor-sharp Claws
    Razor-sharp Fangs
    Thick Coarse Fur Coat

    Level 15
    15x5= 75
    Strength: 15 (10+5)
    Speed: 25 (20+5)
    -Reaction: 25
    -Movement: 25
    Vitality: 35 (30+5)
    -Durability: 35
    -Stamina: 35
    Mind: 0 (4-4)
    Haki: 0
    -Armament Haki: 0
    Martial Arts: 11
    -Raging Beast Style: 22

    Raging Beast Style: A style in which a sentient beast can conduct combat beyond their natural gifts of claws, teeth and carapace. This fighting style draws inspiration from other animals, weather patterns and from the natural world around the Sentient Beast in question, fighting in a more wild

    Mule Kick: The Raging Beast rears up on its front two legs or arms and exerts all of its muscular energy in a powerful linear attack, against a flanking foe, imparting a powerful strike much like a mule would.
    11(21) Strength, 11(21) mastery - DPR: D(C)

    Battering Ram: The Raging beast throws all their weight behind their skull and collides into their target with the linear force of their body, imparting similar impact to the Mule Kick, but in a much more offensive attack
    11 Strength, 11 mastery, 21 movement speed - DPR: C

    Archer Spit: Mimicking the Archer fish, the Raging Beast, jets their spit into their opponents eye's or face, distracting or temporarily blinding them!
    11(31) Strength, 21(41) mastery - DPR: D(C)

    With more to come!
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