Mihawk is EASILY Yonko Level (Shanks vs Mihawk) - YouTube

In this video, I talk about why I think Mihawk is Yonko level, and why he is not weaker than Shanks. LINK to data book: https://www.reddi****m/r/OnePiece/com...

OGmossheadhunter, Mar 14, 2019
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      At some point it was said that back before shanks lost his arm and the two had their grandline shaking duels, shanks defeated mihawk 37 times and mihawk defeated shanks 36 times, again with both his arms, and once shanks lost his arm, mihawk didn't want to fight him anymore because shanks were no longer strong enough to challenge him. So clearly this statement in the series is a way of saying that shanks and mihawk were equally strong, thats the only reason they duelled in the first place, namely because they could challenge each other and both become stronger through it. So clearly before shanks lost his arm the two were equally strong yonko level characters, and now after the loss of one of shanks arms mihawk is a slightly stronger yonko level character than shanks. This is indisputable, why even discuss it when its in the series? This is one of the only clear cut cases in one piece where there is no debating the relative strength level of two characters, no speculating or analysis is needed. They are both characters without devil fruit powers who use sword and haki to fight, this is perhaps the easist matchup to decide because Oda just straight up revealed their relative powerlevel in comparison with each other. 2 armed shanks and mihawk were equally strong while 1 armed shanks is weaker than mihawk.
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