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  1. ToBeThriller
    I just realized that I forgot the buttons on the lower part of the cloak :( Too lazy to change that now xD
  2. ToBeThriller
    @ewhee~ Thank you! :catblush: Literally been 2 years hasn't it, close to 3 almost :O Can't believe it's been that long at all!
  3. ewhee~
    Lol! Better late than never? Looks good/
  4. ToBeThriller
    @ewhee~ @Shottie You guys remember when I started this one? :lmao:
  5. ToBeThriller
    @Ivan Zonder Yeah, that was one thing I was wondering. Godzilla is the King of the Monsters/beasts, but Kaido is already the king of the beasts. So either Ryo is not Godzilla or if he is, Godzilla...
  6. Ivan Zonder
    If his DF is really that i don't see Oda making him bigger than Dragon Kaido though
  7. Ivan Zonder
    Hopefully 950
  8. Critical Mindset
    @ToBeThriller Yeah for sure! that list can be made long and Oda hasn't even started haha Btw, think you'll like this one lol :)...

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