Image Title Text
Happy Happy :> <: :happy:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Hilarious Hilarious :lmao:
Rofl! Rofl! :rofl: :rofllmao:
Smuggrin Smuggrin :smuggrin:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :yaaa: :+1: (y)
Unsure Unsure :unsure: :\ :|
Frown Frown :(
Cry Cry ;( ;-(
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down :booo: :-1:
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o :O
Wide Eyed Wide Eyed :wideeyes: :wideeyed: O_O o_o
Jaw Drop Jaw Drop :DD :jawdrop:
:3 :3 [:3]
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P
Wink Wink ;)
Heart Heart :<3: :heart:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Shifty Shifty :shifty: :notrust:
Cigar Cigar :cigar:
Dead Dead :dead: x_x X_X
Facepalm Facepalm :faceplam: :facepalm:
Yawn Yawn :yawn:
WTF WTF :wtf:
Bag Over Head Bag Over Head :hides: :shame: :bag:
Rage Rage :rage: :WTF:
What The... What The... O_o o_O
Confused Confused :confused:
Hmph Hmph <.<
Angelic Angelic (a) (A) :angelic:
Sneaky Sneaky >:) :sneaky:
Devil Devil ]:)
Giggle Giggle :teehee: :giggle:
Lol Lol :lol:
Kiss Kiss :*
Playful Playful :playful:
ZZZ ZZZ :zzz: :snore:
Meh Meh :whatever: :whatevs:
Bored Bored :bored: :meh:
Nail Biting Nail Biting :nailbiting:
Shy Shy :shy:
Pompus Pompus :pompus: :likeasir:
Joyful Joyful :joy:
Grumpy Grumpy :grumpy: :<
Muted Muted :muted:
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Punch Punch :punch:
Whistling Whistling :r
Red Card Red Card :red: :ban: :redcard:
Bang Head Bang Head :banghead: :smash:
In Pain In Pain :pain:
Black Eye Black Eye :punched: :blackeye:
Hurting Hurting :ithurts:
Book Worm Book Worm :bookworm:
Bawling Bawling :shout: :bawling:
Depressed Depressed :depressed: =[
Ninja Ninja :ninja:
Grey Droid Grey Droid :gdroid: :greyandroid:
Alien Alien :alien: :OoO:
Grey Alien Grey Alien :galien:
Black Alien Black Alien :balien:
Cyclops Cyclops :cyclops:
Android Android :android:
Cyborg Cyborg :cyborg: :franky:
Poto Poto :poto:
BRB BRB :brb:
Bucktooth Bucktooth :bucktooth:
Clown Clown :clown:
Cold Cold :cold: :brrr:
Cold Feet Cold Feet :coldfeet: :coldf:
Couch Potato Couch Potato :couchpotato: :couchp:
Mask Mask :mask:
Dummy Dummy :dummy:
Doctor Doctor :doc: :doctor:
Nurse Nurse :nurse:
Headphones Headphones :headphones:
Jim Lad Jim Lad :jimlad: :pirate:
Singing Singing :singing:
Artist Artist :artist:
Writing Writing :writing: :write:
Astronaut Astronaut :astro: :astronaut: :spaceboy:
Snap Happy Snap Happy :snap:
Photogenic Photogenic :photogenic:
Oldman Oldman :oldman: :ossan:
Troll Troll :troll:
Vampire Vampire :vampire: :vamp:
Vulcan Vulcan :vulcan:
Geek Geek :geek:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
Greedy Greedy :greedy: $_$
Spam Spam :spam:
Link Me Link Me :link:
Lock Topic Lock Topic :lock:
Spit Out Dummy Spit Out Dummy :spitout:
Drowning Drowning :drowning:
Sorry Sorry :sorry:
Hungry Hungry :hungry:
Hung Over Hung Over :hungover: X_p
Smug Smug :smug:
Sour Sour :sour:
Speechless Speechless :zip: :...:
Stop Stop :stop:
Woot Woot :woot:
Puke Puke :puke:
Wacky Wacky :wacky: :???:
Watching Watching :watching:
Arghh Arghh :arghh: D=
Yuck Yuck :yuck:
The Finger The Finger :finger: :iIi:
Lurking Lurking :lurking:
Peeking Peeking :peeking:
monkaMEGA monkaMEGA :monkamega:
cmonBruh cmonBruh :cmonbruh:
Luffy Fist Luffy Fist :luffyfist:
DK WUT DK WUT :dkwut:
5Head 5Head :5head:
Yasu Yasu :yasu:
Afro Kappa Afro Kappa :afrokappa:
Angery Puppo Angery Puppo :angerypuppo: :angryboye:
Angry Eyes Angry Eyes :angryeyes:
Bakuyasa Bakuyasa :yasa:
Blob Evil Blob Evil :blobevil:
Blob Hammer Blob Hammer :blobhammer:
Blob Thinking Blob Thinking :blobthink:
Cam Thinking Cam Thinking :camthinking:
Cat Blush Cat Blush :catblush:
Cat Cry Cat Cry :catcry:
Cat Ded Cat Ded :catded:
Cat Pole Cat Pole :catpole:
Cat Rude Cat Rude :catrude:
Cat Salute Cat Salute :catsalute:
Chris Dog 1 Chris Dog 1 :chrisdog:
Chris Dog 2 Chris Dog 2 :chrisdog2:
FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan :FeelsBadMan: :feelsbadman:
FeelsCryingMan FeelsCryingMan :feelscryingman: :feelsstrongman:
FeelsJackMan FeelsJackMan :feelsjackman:
FeelsOkayMan FeelsOkayMan :feelsokman: :feelsokayman:
KhanGASM KhanGASM :khangasm: :aah:
monkaS monkaS :monkaS: :monkas:
Neko Neko :dumbcat:
owo owo :owo:
Pepe Angry Pepe Angry :pepeangry:
PepeAnger PepeAnger :pepeanger:
PepeHands PepeHands :pepehands:
PogChamp PogChamp :PogChamp:
SAD Grin SAD Grin :sadgrin:
salty salty :salt:
Steef Steef :steef:
Sweat Wipe Sweat Wipe :wipesweat:
Urouge Urouge :madmonk:
vonFlame vonFlame :vonFlame:
Zemmi Laugh Zemmi Laugh :zlaugh:
Seedy Guy Seedy Guy :hmmm:
Pink Glory (Grin) Pink Glory (Grin) :pggrin:
Kappa Kappa :kappa:
Kappa Pride Kappa Pride :kappapride:
Blu Hugs Blu Hugs :bluhugs:
Crying Crying :crying:
Avengers! Avengers! :avengers:
Bepo Hugs! Bepo Hugs! :bepohugs:
Saiken's Smirk Saiken's Smirk :saikensmirk:
Cat Burglar Cat Burglar :catburglar:
Z Z :z:
Rak (Tower Of God) Rak (Tower Of God) :rak:
Baam (Tower Of God) Baam (Tower Of God) :baam:
Koon (Tower Of God) Koon (Tower Of God) :koon:
Doffy Grin Doffy Grin :8D: :doffygrin:
Cool Pink Cool Pink :coolpink:
Cora Smile Cora Smile :corasmile:
Pun Husky Pun Husky :punhusky:
Salty Sad Salty Sad :saltysad:
Raised Eyebrow Raised Eyebrow :raisedbrow: :sus:
Nosebleed Nosebleed :nosebleed:
Kings Crown Kings Crown :kingscrown:
Queens Crown Queens Crown :queenscrown:
Slayers Bike Slayers Bike :slayers_bike:
Fired Up! Fired Up! :firedup:
Praise The Sun! Praise The Sun! :praisethesun:
Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter :piratehunter:
Revolutionary Pirates Revolutionary Pirates :revopirates:
Easter Island Statue Easter Island Statue :stone: :kyros:
Angry Angry :angry:
Anguished Anguished :anguished:
Astonished Astonished :astonished:
Blush Blush :blush:
Cold Sweat Cold Sweat :coldsweat:
Confounded Confounded :confounded:
Confused Confused :econfused:
Cry Cry :cry:
Disappointed Disappointed :disappointed:
Disappointed but Relieved Disappointed but Relieved :disrelieved:
Dizzy Dizzy :dizzy:
Expressionless Expressionless :expressionless:
Fear Scream Fear Scream :fearscream:
Fearful Fearful :fearful:
Flushed Flushed :flushed:
Frowning Frowning :frowning:
Grimacing Grimacing :grimacing:
Grin Grin :grin:
Grinning Grinning :grinning:
Heart Eyes Heart Eyes :hearteyes:
Hushed Hushed :hushed:
Imp Imp :imp:
Innocent Innocent :innocent:
Kissing Kissing :kissing:
Kissing Eyes Closed Kissing Eyes Closed :kissingclosed:
Kissing Heart Kissing Heart :kissingheart:
Kissing Smiling Kissing Smiling :kissingsmiling:
Laughing Laughing :laughing:
Mask Mask :emask:
Neutral Neutral :neutral:
No Mouth No Mouth :nomouth:
Open Mouth Open Mouth :openmouth:
Pensive Pensive :pensive:
Persevere Persevere :persevere:
Rage Rage :erage:
Relaxed Relaxed :relaxed:
Relieved Relieved :relieved:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
Sleepy Sleepy :sleepy:
Smile Smile :smile:
Smiley Smiley :smiley:
Smiling Imp Smiling Imp :smilingimp:
Smirk Smirk :smirk:
Sob Sob :sob:
Sunglasses Sunglasses :sunglasses:
Sweat Sweat :sweat:
Sweat Smile Sweat Smile :sweatsmile:
Tears of Joy Tears of Joy :tearsofjoy:
Tired Tired :tired:
Tongue Closed Eyes Tongue Closed Eyes :tongueclosed:
Tongue Out Tongue Out :tongueout:
Tongue Wink Tongue Wink :tonguewink:
Triumph Triumph :triumph:
Unamused Unamused :unamused:
Weary Weary :weary:
Wink Wink :wink:
Worried Worried :worried:
Yum Yum :yum:
Athletic Shoe Athletic Shoe :athleticshoe:
Bikini Bikini :bikini:
Briefcase Briefcase :briefcase:
Closed Umbrella Closed Umbrella :closedumbrella:
Dress Dress :dress:
Eyeglasses Eyeglasses :eyeglasses:
Graduation Cap Graduation Cap :gradcap:
Handbag Handbag :handbag:
Headphones Headphones :eheadphones:
High Heel High Heel :highheel:
Jeans Jeans :jeans:
Lipstick Lipstick :lipstick:
Mans Shoe Mans Shoe :mansshoe:
Name Badge Name Badge :namebadge:
Necktie Necktie :necktie:
Pouch Pouch :pouch:
Ribbon Ribbon :ribbon:
Purse Purse :purse:
Ring Ring :ring:
Running Shirt w/Sash Running Shirt w/Sash :runshirtsash:
School Satchel School Satchel :schoolsatchel:
Top Hat Top Hat :tophat:
TShirt TShirt :tshirt:
Umbrella w/Rain Drops Umbrella w/Rain Drops :umbrellarain:
Watch Watch :watch:
Womans Boots Womans Boots :womansboots:
Kimono Kimono :kimono:
Womans Clothes Womans Clothes :womansclothes:
Womans Hat Womans Hat :womanshat:
Womans Sandal Womans Sandal :womanssandal:
Bowing Bowing :bowing:
Bride Bride :bride:
Dancer Dancer :dancer:
Dancers Dancers :dancers:
Haircut Haircut :haircut:
Head Massage Head Massage :headmassage:
Info Desk Person Info Desk Person :infodeskperson:
No Good No Good :nogood:
Raising Hand Raising Hand :raisinghand:
Okay Okay :okay:
Person Pouting Person Pouting :personpouting:
Person Frowning Person Frowning :personfrowning:
Man/Woman Holding Hands Man/Woman Holding Hands :holdinghands:
Men Holding Hands Men Holding Hands :menholdinghands:
Women Holding Hands Women Holding Hands :womenholdinghands:
Couple w/Heart Couple w/Heart :coupleheart:
Couple Kiss Couple Kiss :couplekiss:
Family Family :family:
Baby Angel Baby Angel :babyangel:
Baby Baby :baby:
Boy Boy :boy:
Girl Girl :girl:
Man Man :man:
Woman Woman :woman:
Old Man Old Man :eoldman:
Old Woman Old Woman :oldwoman:
Person Blonde Hair Person Blonde Hair :personblonde:
Construction Worker Construction Worker :constructionworker:
Gua Pi Mo Gua Pi Mo :guapimo:
Guardsman Guardsman :guardsman:
Police Officer Police Officer :policeofficer:
Santa Santa :santa:
Turban Turban :turban:
Princess Princess :princess:
Ear Ear :ear:
Fist Fist :fist:
Hand Hand :hand:
Hand Fist Hand Fist :handfist:
Hand OK Hand OK :handok:
Hand Point Down Hand Point Down :handpointdown:
Hand Point Left Hand Point Left :handpointleft:
Hand Point Right Hand Point Right :handpointright:
Hand Point Up Hand Point Up :handpointup:
Hand Waving Hand Waving :handwaving:
Hands Clapping Hands Clapping :clapping:
Hands Open Hands Open :handsopen:
Hands Praying Hands Praying :praying:
Peace Peace :peace:
Point Up Point Up :pointup:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :thumbsup:
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down :thumbsdown:
Muscle Muscle :muscle:
Raised Hands Raised Hands :raisedhands:
Nail Polish Nail Polish :nailpolish:
Mouth Mouth :mouth:
Nose Nose :nose:
Tongue Tongue :tongue:
Bread Bread :bread:
Coffee Coffee :coffeee:
Teacup Teacup :teacup:
Cocktail Glass Cocktail Glass :cocktail:
Wine Glass Wine Glass :wineglass:
Tropical Drink Tropical Drink :tropicaldrink:
Beer Cheers Beer Cheers :beercheers:
Beer Mug Beer Mug :beermug:
Sake Sake :sake:
Ear of Maize Ear of Maize :maize:
Ear of Rice Ear of Rice :rice:
Green Apple Green Apple :greenapple:
Grapes Grapes :grapes:
Banana Banana :banana:
Eggplant Eggplant :eggplant:
Chestnut Chestnut :chestnut:
Cherries Cherries :cherries:
Lemon Lemon :lemon:
Melon Melon :melon:
Pear Pear :pear:
Pineapple Pineapple :pineapple:
Peach Peach :peach:
Red Apple Red Apple :redapple:
Strawberry Strawberry :strawberry:
Tangerine Tangerine :tangerine:
Watermelon Watermelon :watermelon:
Tomato Tomato :tomato:
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato :sweetpotato:
Mushroom Mushroom :mushroom:
Fish Cake Fish Cake :fishcake:
Rice Cracker Rice Cracker :ricecracker:
Cooking Egg Cooking Egg :cookingegg:
Chicken Leg Chicken Leg :chickenleg:
Hamburger Hamburger :hamburger:
Pizza Pizza :pizza:
French Fries French Fries :frenchfries:
Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp :friedshrimp:
Oden Oden :oden:
Sushi Sushi :sushi:
Ramen Ramen :ramen:
Stew Stew :stew:
Rice Ball Rice Ball :riceball:
Rice Cooked Rice Cooked :ricecooked:
Meat on Bone Meat on Bone :meatbone:
Spaghetti Spaghetti :spaghetti:
Curry and Rice Curry and Rice :curryrice:
Dango Dango :dango:
Candy Candy :candy:
Candy Bar Candy Bar :candybar:
Cookie Cookie :cookie:
Honey Pot Honey Pot :honeypot:
Custard Custard :custard:
Doughnut Doughnut :doughnut:
Ice Cream Ice Cream :icecream:
Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone :icecreamcone:
Lollipop Lollipop :lollipop:
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice :shavedice:
Shortcake Shortcake :shortcake:
Black Sun w/Rays Black Sun w/Rays :blacksunrays:
Partly Sunny Partly Sunny :partlysunny:
Cloud Cloud :cloud:
Crescent Moon Crescent Moon :crescentmoon:
Earth Americas Earth Americas :earthamericas:
Earth Asia-Aus Earth Asia-Aus :earthasiaaus:
Earth Euro-Africa Earth Euro-Africa :eartheurafr:
First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon :firstqmoon:
First Quarter Moon w/Face First Quarter Moon w/Face :firstqmoonface:
Full Moon Full Moon :fullmoon:
Full Moon w/Face Full Moon w/Face :fullmoonface:
Globe Meridians Globe Meridians :globemeridians:
Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon :lastqmoon:
Last Quarter Moon w/Face Last Quarter Moon w/Face :lastqmoonface:
New Moon New Moon :newmoon:
New Moon w/Face New Moon w/Face :newmoonface:
Sun w/Face Sun w/Face :sunface:
Waning Crescent Moon Waning Crescent Moon :wancrescent:
Waning Gibbous Moon Waning Gibbous Moon :wangibbous:
Waxing Crescent Moon Waxing Crescent Moon :waxcrescent:
Waxing Gibbous Moon Waxing Gibbous Moon :waxgibbous:
Star Star :star:
Glowing Star Glowing Star :glowingstar:
Dizzy Symbol Dizzy Symbol :dizzysymbol:
Sparkles Sparkles :sparkles:
High Voltage High Voltage :zap:
Hot Springs Hot Springs :hotsprings:
Cat Cat :cat: :neko:
Joy Cat Joy Cat :joycat:
Heart Eyes Cat Heart Eyes Cat :hearteyecat:
Kissing Cat Kissing Cat :kissingcat:
Pouting Cat Pouting Cat :poutingcat:
Scream Cat Scream Cat :screamcat:
Smile Cat Smile Cat :smilecat:
Smiley Cat Smiley Cat :smileycat:
Smirk Cat Smirk Cat :smirkcat:
Crying Cat Crying Cat :cryingcat:
Bear Bear :bear: :kuma:
Beaver Beaver :beaver:
Chicken Chicken :chicken:
Cow Cow :cow:
Panda Panda :panda:
Penguin Penguin :penguin:
Pigeon Pigeon :pigeon:
Turtle Turtle :turtle:
Ant Ant :ant:
Baby Chick Baby Chick :babychick:
Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel :bactriancamel:
Bear Face Bear Face :bearface:
Bee Bee :bee:
Beetle Beetle :beetle:
Bird Bird :bird:
Blossom Blossom :blossom:
Blowfish Blowfish :blowfish:
Boar Boar :boar:
Bug Bug :bug:
Cactus Cactus :cactus:
Cat Cat :cate:
Cat Face Cat Face :catface:
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom :cherryblossom:
Chicken Chicken :chickene:
Cow Cow :cowe:
Cow Face Cow Face :cowface:
Crocodile Crocodile :crocodile:
Deciduous Deciduous :deciduous:
Dog Dog :dog:
Dog Face Dog Face :dogface:
Dolphin Dolphin :dolphin:
Dragon Dragon :dragon:
Dragon Face Dragon Face :dragonface:
Dromedary Camel Dromedary Camel :dromedarycamel:
Elephant Elephant :elephant:
Evergreen Evergreen :evergreen:
Fallen Leaf Fallen Leaf :fallenleaf:
Fish Fish :fish:
Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover :fourleaf:
Frog Face Frog Face :frogface:
Goat Goat :goat:
Hamster Face Hamster Face :hamsterface:
Hatched Chick Hatched Chick :hatchedchick:
Hatching Chick Hatching Chick :hatchingchick:
Herb Herb :herb:
Hibiscus Hibiscus :hibiscus:
Horse Face Horse Face :horseface:
Horse Racing Horse Racing :horseracing:
Koala Koala :koala:
Leaf in Wind Leaf in Wind :leafwind:
Leopard Leopard :leopard:
Maple Leaf Maple Leaf :mapleleaf:
Monkey Monkey :monkey:
Monkey Face Monkey Face :monkeyface:
Mouse Mouse :mouse:
Mouse Face Mouse Face :mouseface:
Ocean Ocean :ocean:
Octopus Octopus :octopus:
Ox Ox :ox:
Palm Tree Palm Tree :palmtree:
Panda Face Panda Face :pandaface:
Penguin Penguin :penguine:
Pig Pig :pig:
Pig Face Pig Face :pigface:
Pig Nose Pig Nose :pignose:
Poodle Poodle :poodle:
Rabbit Rabbit :rabbit:
Rabbit Face Rabbit Face :rabbitface:
Race Horse Race Horse :racehorse:
Ram Ram :ram:
Rat Rat :rat:
Rooster Rooster :rooster:
Rose Rose :rose:
Seedling Seedling :seedling:
Sheep Sheep :sheep:
Snail Snail :snail:
Snake Snake :snake:
Snowflake Snowflake :snowflake:
Snowman Snowman :snowman:
Spiral Shell Spiral Shell :spiralshell:
Spouting Whale Spouting Whale :spoutingwhale:
Sunflower Sunflower :sunflower:
Tanabata Tree Tanabata Tree :tanabata:
Tiger Tiger :tiger:
Tiger Face Tiger Face :tigerface:
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish :tropicalfish:
Tulip Tulip :tulip:
Turtle Turtle :turtlee:
Water Buffalo Water Buffalo :waterbuffalo:
Whale Whale :whale:
Wolf Face Wolf Face :wolfface:
100 100 :100:
Anger Symbol Anger Symbol :angersymbol:
Aquarius Aquarius :aquarius:
Aries Aries :aries:
Capricorn Capricorn :capricorn:
Cancer Cancer :cancer:
Gemini Gemini :gemini:
Picses Picses :picses:
Leo Leo :leo:
Libra Libra :libra:
Scorpius Scorpius :scorpius:
Ophiuchus Ophiuchus :ophiuchus:
Taurus Taurus :taurus:
Sagittarius Sagittarius :sagittarius:
Virgo Virgo :virgo:
Asterisk Asterisk :asterisk:
Back w/Arrow Back w/Arrow :backwarrow:
Bar Chart Bar Chart :barchart:
Blue Heart Blue Heart :blueheart:
Boom Boom :boom:
Broken Heart Broken Heart :brokenheart:
Bust in Silhouette Bust in Silhouette :bustsilhouette:
Busts In Silhouette Busts In Silhouette :bustsinsilhouette:
Capital A Capital A :capitala:
Capital B Capital B :capitalb:
Capital O Capital O :capitalo:
Capital P Capital P :capitalp:
Circle M Circle M :circlem:
Chart Down Chart Down :chartdown:
Circle Circle :circle:
Chart Up Yen Chart Up Yen :chartupyen:
Charting Up Charting Up :chartingup:
CJK Ideograph 5272 CJK Ideograph 5272 :u5272:
CJK Ideograph 5408 CJK Ideograph 5408 :u5408:
CJK Ideograph 55b6 CJK Ideograph 55b6 :u55b6:
CJK Ideograph 6307 CJK Ideograph 6307 :u6307:
CJK Ideograph 6708 CJK Ideograph 6708 :u6708:
CJK Ideograph 6709 CJK Ideograph 6709 :u6709:
CJK Ideograph 6e80 CJK Ideograph 6e80 :u6e80:
CJK Ideograph 7121 CJK Ideograph 7121 :u7121:
CJK Ideograph 7533 CJK Ideograph 7533 :u7533:
CJK Ideograph 7981 CJK Ideograph 7981 :u7981:
CJK Ideograph 7a7a CJK Ideograph 7a7a :u7a7a:
Congratulations Congratulations :congrats:
Cyclone Cyclone :cyclone:
Green Cross Green Cross :greencross:
Cross Mark Cross Mark :crossmark:
Exclamation Question Exclamation Question :!?:
Exclamation Exclamation :exclamation:
Double Exclamation Double Exclamation :!!:
Division Division :division:
Heavy Multiply Heavy Multiply :heavymultiply:
Heavy Check Mark Heavy Check Mark :heavycheck:
Minus Minus :minus:
Plus Sign Plus Sign :plus:
Dollar Sign Dollar Sign :dollarsign:
Currency Exchange Currency Exchange :currencyexchange:
Double Curly Loop Double Curly Loop :doublecurlyloop:
Curly Loop Curly Loop :curlyloop:
Dash Symbol Dash Symbol :dashsymbol:
Email Email :email:
Email Symbol Email Symbol :emailsymbol:
Envelope w/Arrow Envelope w/Arrow :envelopearrow:
Footprints Footprints :footprints:
Green Heart Green Heart :greenheart:
Heart Heart :redheart:
Heart Decoration Heart Decoration :heartdecoration:
Heart Pulse Heart Pulse :heartpulse:
Heart w/Arrow Heart w/Arrow :heartarrow:
Heart w/Ribbon Heart w/Ribbon :heartribbon:
Heartbeat Heartbeat :heartbeat:
Revolving Heart Revolving Heart :revolvingheart:
Sparkling Heart Sparkling Heart :sparklingheart:
Purple Heart Purple Heart :purpleheart:
Two Hearts Two Hearts :twohearts:
Yellow Heart Yellow Heart :yellowheart:
High Brightness High Brightness :highbrightness:
Low Brightness Low Brightness :lowbrightness:
Ideograph Accept Ideograph Accept :accept:
Ideograph Advantage Ideograph Advantage :advantage:
Japanese Beginner Japanese Beginner :japanesebeginner:
Mahjong Red Dragon Mahjong Red Dragon :reddragon:
Music Notes Music Notes :musicnotes:
Musical Note Musical Note :musicalnote:
Do Not Litter Do Not Litter :donotlitter:
No Bikes No Bikes :nobikes:
No Entry No Entry :noentry:
No Entry No Entry :noentrysign:
No One Under 18 No One Under 18 :no18:
No Pedestrians No Pedestrians :nopedestrians:
No Smoking No Smoking :nosmoking:
Non-Potable Water Non-Potable Water :nonpotablewater:
Part Alternation Mark Part Alternation Mark :pamark:
Paw Prints Paw Prints :pawprints:
Potable Water Potable Water :potablewater:
Question Question :question:
Question White Question White :questionwhite:
White Exclamation White Exclamation :whiteexclamation:
Recycle Recycle :recycle:
Secret Secret :secret:
Sleeping Symbol Sleeping Symbol :sleepsymbol:
Sparkle Sparkle :sparkle:
Squared Katana Sa Squared Katana Sa :katanasa:
Squared SOS Squared SOS :squaredsos:
Squared Vs. Squared Vs. :squaredvs:
Trident Emblem Trident Emblem :tridentemblem:
Warning Sign Warning Sign :warning:
Wavy Dash Wavy Dash :wavydash:
Womens Womens :womens:
Copyright Copyright :copyright:
Registered Registered :registered:
Trademark Trademark :tm:
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