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Spoiler Rules

Spoilers are information regarding the Manga that has not yet been made public in English. "Spoilers" are also manga content in the anime only sections.

Guidelines on Spoilers

  1. Manga Spoilers are to be posted only in the spoiler section. Spoilers posted outside the said section will be moved. Repeated posting by the same member will result in a temporary ban.
  2. Discussion of the Manga Spoilers are limited to the spoiler threads within the Spoiler Forum. Discussion of spoilers outside the spoiler section until the chapter is released in English is not allowed. This includes other threads outside the spoiler forums, profile messages, etc.
  3. As a courtesy to not spoil other members who do not read spoilers, do not add signatures or avatars containing images from spoilers before the chapter is out in English. Once the chapter is out and available in English, you are free to use any content from it in your avatar & signature.
  4. Avoid posting unconfirmed/fake spoilers from unknown sources.

Manga Content in Anime Section and General Section

Posting of manga content in anime discussion or general sections must be done in spoiler tags. Posting of content that has not yet been shown in the Anime will be considered spoiling members and you will receive a warning.

This rule doesn't apply to the One Piece Theories Section, as that section is warned to contain spoilers for anime only fans, and they view that forum and its threads at their own risk.
Jul 12, 2011
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